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Author: Scientific Accuracy

Group: Default

Filesize: 9.49 MB

Date added: 2016-02-26

Rating: 6.1

Downloads: 2601

Views: 520

Comments: 37

Ratings: 3

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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This is the grand magic mind reader from the ancient times its named "Pillar of Heavens"!

How to use:

1.: Just imagine a number from 1 to 100

2.: Look at the 7 little pillars next to the great one. on each pillar is a magic number card. Zoom in and look for your imagined number on every card (it could be on several cards).

3.: Then put ONLY those cards with your number into the golden bowl under the bright sun - Use the hand/drag-tool!

Look attentively if you have overlooked your number on a card, perhaps. Because the pillar gets angry if you don't do it correctly, then he gives you a false number!

4.:If everything is correct and alright - and when you are ready - press M (for magic) and the grand pillar's "mind reader" magic will evoke!!

5.: Watch the magic counter at the bottom of the pillar - sometimes it could need a few seconds, because magic is unpredictible! But then you should be surprised!;)

Thanks to Xray for the inspiration - and the sun!:) :cool:
Last edited at 2016/03/01 05:28:52 by Scientific Accuracy
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Oh and there is NO script - just magic power! ;)
cool ! it's work !
For do that your best friends is maths :3
No maths! - simply *~Magic~* ;-P
Found le easteregg;)
My mom hates these mind reader scenes.........
Wolfan777 - Why? Is your mom worried that someone will read her mind and find out about her "new friend"? :lol:
SA - Great job on the scene! Your magic is almost as great as mine! :tup:

BTW - Thanks for letting me use your Alien spaceship. It easily outran those men in black from your home planet who are trying to kill me. ;)
FRA32: proof it! What is the easteregg? ;-D

Wolfan777: Just ask your mom if she wants to know how it works and write me her answer! I will tell her the "magic" behind it.:)

Xray: Thank you very much! =) Do you understand how it exactly works?
Who will find the easteregg AND write it here into the comment section???
Is it THIS?: "A ghost masqueraded as a wizard, such a screwball."
Okay fine, here it is:

A ghost masqueraded as a wizard, such a screwball.

Let's kick his green ass!

Oh wait... , But HOW DOES IT WORK ????, We have to hurry!!

He's playing some maths tricks on unsuspecting kids.
I was first, FRA32. Nyah nyah nyah nyah! :lol:
Oh Xray that is sooo bad! ^^ You should let the kids win! xD xD But yes it is the easteregg! ;-D
@ Xray: oh sory FRA32 is not a child, or he is little Einstein! ;-D
@ FRA32

Yes you are right but only the 2nd place! ;-D Xray was faster. ^^ But you are the 1st place of the hearts!
No, FRA32 is definitely not a child. In fact, he's a freakin math genius, and a programming wizard!

I knew you were kidding, of course. ;)
Because you are the real mind reader, I know!;)
Because you are a real mind reader also! :lol:
oh, the wizard is not there anymore... but why? hmm...
aww thanks Xray:lol:
HOW could it be, that so many download thar scene without commenting or even ask anything about the scene???

Are those all little children?
This is a great mind reader Scene! Love it!
Thank you @ brobotics1234 !! =) I am glad you like it.
She doesn't want me to believe this kind of stuff
@ Wolfan777 You talk about your mother? But she has to try it for her own to see that it really works!;)

Or did she already and she doesn't like THAT it works? ^^
SA - I suspect that his mom views this scene as being evil or as being "works of the devil", and because of that, I guarantee that she will not try it. Many people who are like her avoid ALL things that appear to have anything to do with magic, fortune telling, or witchcraft, even if they are obviously for fun or entertainment. They mean well, but many of them go way overboard.
Wolfan777, the explanation is simple, tell your mom there is nothing magic about it. The way this works is just a math problem. On the top left corner of each box on top of the little pillars, there is a number. that number is one of the geomitracal progression. Those numbers are 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256. These numbers can add up from anything from 1-100 easily. Organized as in this scene, they are able to add up from 1-100. The smart people that invented this cool thing have made it so when you choose all of the boxes with your number, the number in the top left corners of the ones you chose add up to exactly your number. get it?
Oh darn. I thought it was real magic. :mad:
Nice thought, but no.
And how does the pillar work @ Calebthecool???;)
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