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Tracer Alphabet - Upper Case Only

screenshot of the scene

Author: Xray

Group: Default

Filesize: 0.68 MB

Date added: 2016-02-23

Rating: 6.5

Downloads: 1468

Views: 331

Comments: 24

Ratings: 4

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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This prints every letter of the English alphabet with tracers. It does not have lower case letters, numbers, or punctuation marks, and so it's usefulness is very limited. Also, because of the fact that the letters are formed with tracers, the printed letters cannot be saved. If you print some words, and then close Algodoo, the next time you launch Algodoo, the words will be gone because that is how tracers operate. And so, other than being an interesting thing that I made, it has no practical use at all.

If you would like to print tracer letters in any other scene, simply copy and paste the blue circle at the bottom of the scene into your own scene. I don't know why you would want to do that, but you can do it if you want to!

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Nice presentation, functionality, coding, and portability. You may be able to make more permanent letters by using the code from Speed Plot.
Last edited at 2016/02/23 10:19:00 by s_noonan
s_noonan - Thanks very much!

Concerning "more permanent letters", I don't know of any way that tracer traces can be made permanent. The scene that you referred to uses strings of rectangular boxes to form the lines, and that is totally different from my scene which uses only tracers to form lines. My premise for this scene is that it creates letters using tracers, and the fact that the resulting letters cannot be saved was known but was not a concern of mine. I just wanted to post something on Algobox that has never been done before (as far as I know).
Last edited at 2016/02/23 17:58:28 by Xray
So ... Does that mean you won't be making permanent letters? Just kidding. I can see your point of view.
Nope, no more permanent letters. I've had enough of those tenacious little devils. I prefer spirit letters that slowly vaporize into la-la land.
Last edited at 2016/02/24 00:04:12 by Xray
PTY78 - Yes, there IS a forum:

You can get to it by clicking on the link "Forum" at the top of any Algobox page. And yes, I did delete your scene because you were using Algobox like a forum, and I cannot allow that. Algobox is only for displaying scenes that people make. It is not for chatting with other users, like "what state do you live in?", and things like that. The forum was made for those kinds of discussions.
Xray, I was wandering, When 2 particles have oncollide script "e.other.color = e.othis.color", upan collision, insted of trading colors as one may expect, one stays the same and the other changes color, displaying dominance in non-living objects - How does algodoo determine wich one is "Dominant" and what effects can that imply?
I know this is off the scene topic, but i just wanted to ask you something - I couldn't figure out how to private message with the forumn literally impossible for me to use.
In case you where wandering why I'm not editing my comments, like i said, i cant use the forumn, Also, heres a link to a save that displays this dominance quite well:
I noticed bigger objects tend to be the dominant object.

The reson i can't use the forumn (or at least what I can figure out) is that everytime i make an account, Somehow I get locked out, From Captchas failing even though I definitly put in what it displayed, too strange things where I couldn't activate my account by any means.
MoBuilds - Concerning your question about How does algodoo determine wich one is "Dominant", I have no idea. Only Emil, who was the lead programmer and developer of Algodoo knows those sorts of things. I can only "guess" that it's a timing issue that determines which one gets its code executed before the other one. There are other guys like kilinich and some of the other long-term users who know Algodoo and Thyme scripting much more intimately than I do. I'm sorry I cannot help you with that.

Your best bet would be to log in to the forum. I don't know why you have so much trouble with everything. In the past you have had trouble with your computer, with your user account, with Thyme scripting, and now with the forum. After having all those problems, I think the problem is YOU, and not Algodoo or your computer. No offense intended, but I don't know of anyone else on Algobox who has as much trouble with so many things as you do. :o
My computer? I am using a 2 year old gaming computer that costed 2000$ when we bought it, Im pretty sure its not my computer.

Also, When you say that IM the problem... Than... Why...?
The forums are unaccessable because: When I do successfully make an account, i go to activate it, I log in, it says it is not activated even though i JUST activated it! So then i go to resend email... And it says the account doesn't exist even though I JUST made that account... So this forces me to resort to the already existing email, But it says that my account is already activated...
For the issue with the game not starting, I think it was the autosave that had so much in it that when algodoo tried to load that autosave, it crashes due to it having so much. I have no idea why reinstalling didn't work until I wiped my entire computer of all things with "algodoo" in the name. My theory is that its still using that autosave for some reson

Thyme scripting is definitly on my part, though.
I still don't know why you have so many problems. Maybe there's a poltergeist hiding in your computer. :lol:
Q: When 2 particles have oncollide script "e.other.color = e.this.color", how does Algodoo determine which one is "Dominant"?
A: The object that was created first has dominance. I've tested this extensively (1 test), and this seems to be the case.
Claim: "The object that was created first has dominance."

My experience: Make a scene that is similar to "Newton's Cradle" except with
only two swinging balls. Color one ball red and the other green. Add the following script to onCollide in each ball: e.other.color = e.this.color
Glue either ball to the background, and allow the other ball to swing freely. Grab the unglued ball and allow it to swing into the other ball. Note which ball changes color. Then reverse the glued ball so that now the other ball will be glued to the background and the ball that was glued is now free to swing. Repeat the experiment as above and note which ball changes color. Then unglue both balls and allow the red and green balls to swing into each other. Note which changes color.

You will find out as I did that there is no "dominant" object. Apparently the color switching is dependent on HOW the collision was made, and not on the time the object was created.

Please comment if you get different or unusual results from what I described.

Last edited at 2016/03/03 06:22:33 by Xray
I concur.
Last edited at 2016/03/03 10:23:02 by s_noonan
Take my "Ball mix" save into consideration. It has alot of dominant particles that activate there script first, And it seems that it has to do with wich object injected the most force into the other object - As it seems big balls easily overight small balls.
BTW, how do I make an object constantly spawn other objects and how do I specify there parameters?

Take the biggest ball size from ball mix, remove oncollide, and script it so it creates balls that are 1 quarter its size each update it has, and make those have no self collision and same collision sets as the spawner ball, The spawner ball also has no self collision The color can be random. And it can even be permenant dispite the actuall size of the object changing, the balls created are the same.
Is it just me, or did your subscriber count just multiply by 20?
Um.... just you. :lol:
that's what I thought:D
You're Not allowed to be in my server
yusril -- What do you mean by that? :s :bonk: :huh: