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Mechanical vending machine w/ money

screenshot of the scene

Author: Ravenplucker

Group: Technical

Filesize: 0.68 MB

Date added: 2016-01-24

Rating: 7.5

Downloads: 3826

Views: 476

Comments: 8

Ratings: 8

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0

vending machine,

Scene tag

Runs at 100Hz
No scripting

This machine will dispense cans of coke for 5$, returning change and any unused money put into the machine.
You have $1, $2 and $3 coins, you can put them in in any combination and the machine will keep track and give you your change. The coin types are determined by their collision groups.

My first successful vending machine! Been meaning to make one for awhile.

Anyway, just drag the coins into the top slot, coins and coke come out the bottom.

EDIT: Tried to make a version you could move around, with nothing fixated to the background. Algodoo keeps on spazzing and exploding everything so I gave up.
Last edited at 2016/07/05 01:28:54 by Ravenplucker
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Holy Algodoo, Batman! This is AWESOME! And what makes it especially awesome is that you created such a complex machine without any scripting! That's a perfect TEN in my book! :tup: _o_ :tup:
I have no words you are like the last coke in the dessert of marbles :tup: _o_ all the respect and yes, we need more people like you in this place right now :tup:
OK. this is awesome.:tup: :tup: I like the consistent quality and style of your scenes.
Last edited at 2016/01/26 10:23:26 by s_noonan
:D thanks guys!
Holy cow... Just how do you come up with this? I LOVE it! 10/10 :tump:
Heya Michael, this is where is was explained to me best. My version is modified but the concept is the same.:P
Raven, remember to place an (url)xxx(/url) tag around the link so that we can actually click it(replace the brackets with [] )
You can also type (url= link here)This is a link(/url) again with [] instead of (), and it would result in this: This is in fact a link