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screenshot of the scene

Author: DigitalSoundwave

Group: Default

Filesize: 0.93 MB

Date added: 2016-01-22

Rating: 6.5

Downloads: 873

Views: 219

Comments: 12

Ratings: 4

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


Scene tag

Arkanoid, another classic game in 1986.
You control a paddle called "Vaus"
Your main job is destroy all the blocks,
and beat the boss called Doh(not included in this scene...).

It's now available in Algodoo.

20 levels (16classic maps, 4bonus maps)
6 power ups (fast/slow ball, laser, ball duplicator, multiplier, life),
5 types of secrets (it can be helpful, fun, or dumb...),
Groovy effect (trigger in instr page),
High score, multiplier scoring system,

May cause lag on slower PC,
Some of the features are not support in this scene
(enemies, Doh, long/short paddle, level skiper)

Most instrustions can be found in the scene,
but a few rules is not mentioned:
You can use drag tool, but not other tools for clicking.
Some of the button is allowed to click.
The only way to save your progress is save the scene.

If the scene has a problem what is not mention above,
please leave a message down below.

That's all, hope you enjoy the game!

Update1: press "p" instead of "\" to return to the title page.

Update2: Speed of the paddle has been changed,
bug fixes.
Update3: fix layering issues
Last edited at 2016/01/24 11:48:01 by DigitalSoundwave
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I wasnt able to play the game yet, but extremely cool setup you made there. The reason why i didnt play yet is because you set the controls for "back" to / which is one of the keys that are not the same on all keyboards. I recommend changing it to something that is the same on all keyboards, else one is not able to find the correct key.
Ok, I will change the keys.
Now "p" instead of "\"
Last edited at 2016/01/22 18:23:33 by DigitalSoundwave
Okay, now I was able to test it, and I must say, this scene is a star with the brightness of Sirius in these marble races. I love how you put the work in it to make a computer memory inside it to control the process, and it generally looks incredible. My only complaint that's left is the fact that the paddle moves really fast, which makes it hard to hit the ball xD

PS: This scene reminds me of my "CurveBall" scene, which was a small demonstration of pong in an 3D enviroment, basically to test out my 3D algorythms even more. I'm not sure if this would actually work, but we coult work together to make a 3D version of this scene, combining the 3D script from my CurveBall scene with your incredible style and gameplay mechanics from this scene. The only limitation would be that we can only afford 10 depth layers for the bricks, and even then, the ball could get knocked slightly out of the path when hitting, since I have no idea how to detect multiple shapes across an artificial dimension without using Collision sets and a depth script that changes the layer from A to H depending on the depth(paddles are an exception since they are unique and can collide with the ball even without collidesets).
It's really awesome. you could have used rand.normal or rand.uniform01 though instead of making a randomizer, but no complaints anyways! I think i might try doing an old game too
Yup, there's rand.normal for random variables from -5 to +5 with a highter chance around 0, rand.uniform01 for equal chances for numbers from 0 to 1, and rand.normal2D, which is basically rand.normal with an [A,B] point-value
Very nice! Altough the controls are too fast and sudden (one tap and the platform moves a kilometer for instance) and I found a bug!
Go game over, press enter, press s,w and a several times together and the select cursos flies away
Needs to be on the featured page
Controlls are a little sensitive to my taste, though
Thank you so much, I glad that the scene has a really good result.
I think I should adjust the speed of the paddle

I am really happy to see you enjoy to play my game.
I just play your CurveBall scene too, that's not bad,
but you may make the ball change the size depend on the "distance", so the ball may look like getting farther and nearer. besides, typing groovyon on your scene works well too (actually faytree taught me to do this in my previous game), you may try it.
Unfortunately, I am afraid that I don't have much time to work with you as I may have a lot of assignment, test and exam in future:( .
I am able to make and upload this scene since I have finished all the assignment and examination of the previous semester. That also explain that why I
have only made 4 scenes since I've registered algobox. :(
Talking about those marble race, that's ridiculous:o . After waking up and having a breakfast(Different time zone), I see my scene has been push into second page...

The Linkage,
I am really happy to see you enjoy to play my game. In fact, I did use rand.uniform01. The randomizer is used for spawning power ups; however, I want to find a replacement of that "wheel of fortune",
so is there any way to spawn object like that without using that wheel?

MichaelRoeleveld ,
I am really happy to see you enjoy to play my game. I've spended a little time to figure out what's happened. You're right, holding s, w and up/down would make this glitch happened. I will fix it as soon as possible.

I apologize if any grammatical mistakes are made.
I don't want to hurt someone due to my wrong usage of English...
Last edited at 2016/01/23 11:24:14 by DigitalSoundwave

Right now, the ball should always change size as it flys in third dimension. If it does'nt, then there must be some wierd bug with algodoo. I currently coded the scene so that a small border frame shows the depth of the ball on the walls, relative to the paddles, and the ball itself changes size and get's darker when it flys towards the background.

Of course take your time with your exams, those are an importand part of your life. I can try to enhance my scene myself in the meanwhile. If you want, I can let you know if I reach anything significant;)

Thank you so much.
Once I have time, I will post something again.:)
The new scene's mechanic's are nearly done. I am just struggling with some wierd glitches, and then going to take care of all thing's visual. After that, I will upload it:)