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Challenge Entry: XRay's Mandelbrot

screenshot of the scene

Author: FRA32

Group: Technical

Filesize: 3.51 kB

Date added: 2015-12-08

Rating: 6.1

Downloads: 645

Views: 253

Comments: 9

Ratings: 3

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


Scene tag

I coded a full mandelbrot calculator in algodoo, as an entry to XRay's challenge. It even shows the user the drawing/calculation process as it proceedes
Last edited at 2016/07/03 21:53:40 by FRA32
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WOW! AWESOME! I'm impressed! GOOD JOB! :tup: _o_ :tup:

Just one minor detail I would change. The timeToLive value should be very high or infinite because shortly after the image has completed being generated, the pixels start to disappear. A user may want the image to stay on the screen for more than a few minutes.

I gave you a 10 rating because of the complexity of the math and programming.
Is infinite now (I actually changed it while u were typing the comment, mind brothers)

The maths is advanced, but is not complicated once you get how complex numbers act in mandelbrot. (x+yi)^2 is basically (x+y)^2-> x^2+2*xy+y^2 (binomic formula), just that the complex part(y) causes it to own a - in front of the y^2, since i^2 = -1. Now just add x^2-y^2 together for the real part, and 2*xy for the imaginary part, and you got the squared complex number. Now you check if both parts squared are less than 4, and use some fancy statements to get the corresponding color.

Also, you can see that a good mandelbrot takes quite some time, not just when you have 60 calculations per second. Even my java applet which also creates a mandelbrot image(with highter resolution) takes multiple seconds for the same thing.
It was the complex math (imaginary numbers) that I did not know how to calculate, and that's what prevented my success. I see that you used a "raster scan" technique for plotting the pixels, which makes perfect sense. I was trying to plot a fractal by directly plotting the calculated x/y data points, and I was not able to make it work that way. I was doubly glad to see that you added color to the plot. AWESOME!
Fractals ,especially the mandelbrot set, can't be easily plotted by using x/y coordinates, since their surface is so complicated that you can only scan the whole area point by point. Modern software uses a "guessing" technique to automatically exclude points from calculation that are garuanteed to be a certain color, but other than that, points need to be iterated one by one. The color can be extracted by catching off the iteration count once the >4 statement is triggered or all iterations have been done. Then you only need to convert the iterations to the color spectrum or, in case of "infinite trys", black.
If you want, I can also make a Julia-Set drawer, with the same mouse coordinate reading like in your scene(You know what a julia set is?:D)
A Julia set scene would be awesome! Yes, if you have the time, I definitely have the interest in learning more about it. Right now, my free time is somewhat limited, but when I can get more free time, I want to pick apart your code so that I have a better understanding of it. I may (I mean, I WILL) have questions for you as I try to understand the math, and so I hope you don't mind me asking technical questions. :)

Just curious, what do you do professionally? You obviously are very talented with programming and math, so I was wondering what kind of work you do. If you prefer not to make that information public, then feel free to send me a PM in the Algodoo forum. My forum user name is the same as this one on Algobox.

One word.. MARVELOUS! :tup: :tup: :tup:
I'm very surprised because I thought that it's impossible to build a Mandlebrot set in Algodoo,but your scene proved me wrong,it is possible!

Great Job! Keep up the good work!
sheesh,dunno that this scene got pushed away by marble scenes very quickly... This Mandlebrot scene deserves more attention :tup: :tup:
I am still in school, 10th grade, so I don't do "work" yet. But I use my freetime to mess with maths and coding in java and algodoo, so you can kinda count this.
Of course I will explain every last bit of this scene to you if it's neccessary, I always love to raise the general knowledge level. Just ask and I explain you my (sometimes unreasonable:D) ways of thought.

Thanks for the compliment, but there's 1 thing that I need to correct in your statement:

EVERYTHING is possible in algodoo! (almost)

But it's nice to see you also like this.

And yes, you're right, it's a pity this scene got flushed away by these scenes, but nowadays it's not marble races anymore, but all these camps aldagotridingusanthalonths whatever that you find all day.

Maybe a *feature* could make this scene *permanent* if you know what I mean:D

Nah, just joking, but it's actually sad there are only age-old scenes on the featured page since noone suggests new ones.
Actually, there IS a way to make a scene "sticky" (permanent) but only Employees of Algoryx (the owners of this website) have the ability to do it. It involves forcing the scene's posted date to be some future value. For example, if they want a scene to remain in the number one spot for one week, they simply make the posted date one week from today. Unfortunately, we Admins were not given that kind of "power". :(
@FRA32 - You are still in school? :o Holy cow! Given your knowledge of math and programming, AND your mature writing ability, I thought that you were an adult. Now I'm even more impressed than I was before! _o_