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Next Generation's Light Infantry Rifle Mk.1(LIR-1)

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Author: ngphil

Group: Technical

Filesize: 112.47 kB

Date added: 2015-11-13

Rating: 5.6

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Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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Okay, I've been horribly bogged down with work, life, and preparation for the military lately (I'm going NAVY!! [no Gayvy jokes please]). But in the times I have a few minutes free, I've been gradually working on this thing. I actually intend to possibly produce this in the future as a prototype for military implementation. That something like it doesn't already exist is strange to me, considering it's actually pretty simple. This is a striker-fired, no-manual-safety, index-operated-selector, gas-operated, multi-functional-trigger, fully-ambidextrous infantry rifle. It ejects spent casings downwards to avoid "Tavor face" for southpaws, and all controls are capable of being on either side of the receiver, or along the center line (such as the magazine release and charging handle). The selector is operated via the index finger, and promotes rule #2 of firearm safety while providing a selector system that does not require adjustment of the shooter's grip. The magazine and mag well are designed to allow quick and easy insertion of the magazine, even in dark/no light conditions due to an enlarged well opening and chamfered channel. The magazine catch is a simple reciprocating mechanism that latches to the magazine's floor plate, and it is operated by extending the little finger forward to remove the magazine. Magazines drop free to allow quick reloads, though the rubber hexagonal texture allows retention of magazines should the operator choose to retain the magazine. the rear sight is adjustable for windage, and the rear and front aperture and post have tritium inserts to allow proper sight picture at night or in dark environments. The front post also has a high-visibility fiber optic insert for quick target acquisition during the day. Along the carry handle is a standard picatinny rail to allow attachment of modern optics should the operator choose to do so.

An interesting function of the firearms is the trigger has no manual safeties, but rather has a scissoring mechanism borrowed from the concepts of many modern handguns. The trigger also operates the grenade launcher when the selector is in its lowest index, allowing the operator to maintain the proper grip and stance. A spring-loaded leaf sight is located behind the rear sight aperture, and can be extended by pressing the release button behind the carry handle. Stowage of the leaf sight is as simple as depressing it back into the receiver.

Probably the most noticeable feature when firing is the lack of a traditional ejection port. Instead, the bolt has been shortened considerably to allow an extended travel in the stock, and the ejector deflects the cartridges downward. This is a feature I deemed useful in simplifying the overall mechanism, and allowing left and right-handed shooters to fire the same firearm without any modification to the mechanics, such as the Tavor Automatic Rifle.

Okay, enough rambling. On to the fun!

TO USE: insert the magazine, and pull the charging handle to the rear (located under the carry handle). The default position of the selector is single-shot, but automatic is available. alternatively, you may insert a grenade into the launcher by sliding the barrel assembly forward, inserting the grenade, and closing the launcher. The selector must be placed on the lowest setting, labeled "G", to fire the grenade launcher. Right now, the magazine only holds 20 rounds, though the actual design I plan on potentially building will hold 30. Fire with enter/return, or by dragging the trigger with the drag tool. If you choose to do this, drag the scissor mechanism and not the actual trigger.

It's still potentially a WIP, though it's working pretty well for me right now.

EDITS: Made a quick correction of the sears. They now have positive engagement, meaning less potential for out-of-battery firing
Last edited at 2016/08/07 18:58:53 by ngphil
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Good to have you back! :lol:
I've never been "gone," but you know that. ;P
I made the blocks have super high restitution and shot a grenade at them. It bounced back and made the others explode.
My hand is currently mangled and bleeding profusely. 10/10 no regrets
haha XD that's great man. Although, I suggest an emergency room ASAP.