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Working Sawmill (with instructions)

screenshot of the scene

Author: Nick__22

Group: Default

Filesize: 1.26 MB

Date added: 2015-10-29

Rating: 8.1

Downloads: 8966

Views: 842

Comments: 18

Ratings: 13

Times favored: 3

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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You are the new miller?
Nice to meet you!

I will give you a few basic instructions:
For the instructions you only have to use the drag tool!

1. Move to the sluice-gate [1], grab the black hook and place it on a higher position. This will get us a nice and contant water flow!
2. Walk to the brake system to your right [2], place the weight in the scales in order to remove the brake of the cogs.
3. If the cogs are not turning yet, just push the orange cog [3] gently in the right direction. Be careful for your fingernails!;)
4. When the waterwheel and the orange cog is turning at a constand fast rate, place the 50 pounds weight [4] to the left side to use the saw on the attic.
5. Please have a close look on the evelator system for the bags of sawdust! On the ground floor, where the bad of sawdust are emptied, be careful! Don't let de pile of sawdust on the floor touch de cogs and mechanics.

When you go outside, please close the door, its very windy!

Have fun!
Last edited at 2016/11/28 21:45:55 by Nick__22
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Woah! This is awesome!:D
*epicness overload* _o_ :tup:

10 by all means, but I suggest you set drawBorder = false for all the objects in this scene as it looks much neater that way.
This is extremely awesome! New scenes like this is why I still have hope for algodoo, that algodoo will never die or turn into nothing but marble scenes. I foresee you being a really good and popular algodooer. Keep it up! :tup:
I have one word that describes this scene perfectly: "WOW"!

I must admit, though, that I had a little trouble at first trying to figure out your instructions. For example in instruction line #1, it says, " Use the water inlet to create a flow.....". What does "use" mean? Do I push something? Do I move something? Well, you see what I mean. And then in line #2, it says, "Remove the heavy weight......". It took me a while to find the heavy weight that you referred to because there are so many intricate parts to this scene. After a while I finally got things to move, and I must say that you did a fabulous job on this. BRAVO!
Much better instructions, Nick_22!

(You're welcome)
wow you just pop out on algobox and woah, you make this? :tup: _o_
What I don't understand is why he doesn't reply to our comments. It's only common courtesy to thank people who give you praises. This is his/her very first scene uploaded to Algobox, and he already has THREE subscribers! With a scene this complex and so well made, he/she must have been playing with Algodoo for a long time but never uploaded anything until now. Usually when you see something this good from a new user, it's because they copied someone else's scene, but I do not see any evidence of that that being the case.

Please comment, Nick_22 so that we know you are a real person and not a computer program! :lol: (just kidding) But yeah, please do comment. :)
Hey guys! Yes I'm quite common with the Algodoo interface! I created a lot of scenes with the former Phun program and im glad its working out with algodoo too!

I hope everything is the way you like is! If you have suggestions about other great man made contraptions, please let me know!:)

Have you guys seen my new "water irrigation wind/water-mill"?
Good job. On the somewhat cumbersome. Maybe worth to use scripts to create water and logs.
O.O This greatful scene works with almost no lag. Even the trees move in the wind. Every little thing - the well of water and the hidden respawn of pinewood, the complete saw mechanism is almost unbelievable. I am impressed to see, what is possible in Algodoo even without scripts (with the exception of respawn-scripting) if you are smart (and you are very smart!).

I would give you 100 of 10 but it is impossible...

Go on, show all of us - even the marble race kids - what Algodoo is made for.:)
Thanks for this kind motivation, -Scientific Accuracy-

Im looking forward to learn about the unlimited water source script and I'd like to add it when I'm up for it!

Nick, to spawn water use this script on the onCollide, onHitByLaser or postStep of any geometry:
Scene.addWater({vecs:= [pos,pos]});

I use that one and it works okay. but always keep the water particle count to the minimum possible or else it will lag horribly (AMD users like me have a lot of lag regardless of the processor)

Good scene!
If you need to spawn logs can send the file.

I'm sorry, I hurried manufactured logs hardly suitable for the scene. simply logs all the time are in the foreground.
Last edited at 2015/11/03 17:30:03 by ivanivanovicpupcin
this is awsome keep making new machins
This is one of the most amazing scenes on Algobox. _o_

I noticed a minor detail that doesn't look quite right, and that is the upper black pulley. Half of it is behind the window and the wood boards of the building. It should be in the foreground so that the chain rides around the entire circumference of the pulley instead of around just half of it.
Last edited at 2015/11/18 01:20:01 by Xray

I noticed that you posted a total of three scenes since you registered on October 29, and I was just wondering if you have made any other scenes that are like those three scenes but you have not posted them yet? The reason why I ask is because it's very unusual to see such intricate or complex scenes posted by a new user. Were you maybe registered previously under a different user name? I'm trying to understand how such a new Algobox user could make such amazing scenes!

Hi Xray,

I have some, but they still dont work properly. Im kinda a man of the details.. if you haven't noticed:D And I'm still not satisfied. I haven't had any other registers before, but I have used the Phun version for some time. Though I had never found the option to share with a community before,.. my mistake I guess. Im not a real community person, but I like to give people the best experience with what I make. Physics simulators really interest me, because everything is possible to make.