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Dizzy Pong

screenshot of the scene

Author: DigitalSoundwave

Group: Default

Filesize: 45 kB

Date added: 2015-10-24

Rating: 5.5

Downloads: 772

Views: 193

Comments: 6

Ratings: 2

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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Pong - A classic game that made in 1972.
To win this game, you need to move your paddle,
and hit the bal......
Wait...why do the screen spinning?!
It is getting faster and faster!!

Introducing The Dizzy Pong.
Move your paddle up and down (or...left and right???)
to avoid the ball falling off the edge.
All instructions should added in the game, just follow what keys you should press.
[Be careful, some of the instructions only show up ONCE, make sure you read it all.]

- Classic like style!
- Initial speed setting
- 20 ball speed level (5 to 25)
- 60 rotation speed level (-30 to 30) (can be faster but only stay 1 sec if the random event is on)
- Speed change randomly!!! (If you are lucky enough ,the game will not spin intensely)
- Special scoring system
- Showing your high score!
(If you want to save your high score forever, please pause the game,then disable playmode and save the scene)
- Able to restart if you lose (Press R when you're in the Game Over board)

Known issue: (Can be fixed)
- Game board keeps spining even before starting the game. Keeps playing, after losing the game, Press R.
Not only should the game back to the title board, but also solve the issue.
- LAG!!! If the game lags too much (like only few FPS), try to lower the simulation frequency to 40.
- Player feel dizzy and sick. I AM NO JOKING as the game may spin really fast sometimes.
Please take a rest if you don't feel well.

Known issue: (Can't be fixed)
- DON't tap the G key (game staritng key) too fast, since the initial setting may not work if you do this.
(There are a time delay when you turn on the laser by pressing keys,
you can try it in your own scene.)
- Better not tap the G key when your camera "bouncing" on the game board.
There are a small chance your camera fall off the game board if you do this.
Before this glitch happen, you will notice your game skipped the Game Over Board.
If this happened, you have to undo the scene twice (Ctrl Z).

PS: This game is only for one player,so the movement of the paddles
are synced as I don't want to
make the game too difficult.
If you find more issue, please leave a message down below.

"GroovyOn" Command recommended [Thanks faytree]

[Sorry about my English...]
Last edited at 2015/10/26 12:55:31 by DigitalSoundwave
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You should call it drong. Drunken pong! :lol:
Nice one!:lol:

Hope you enjoy my game:)
type GroovyOn at the console menu and type GroovyOff to disable it.
That'd should do it!:tup:
Wow, That's cool!:cool: I never notice that algodoo can do things like this.:o
However, I got a problem when I Turn this off, The background isn't black anymore. It turns blue...
Anyway, I have a question, can I put this command in Script menu to make the command enable automatically?
Last edited at 2015/10/25 09:33:39 by DigitalSoundwave
Very cool:)
Thank You! :)