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pnvv's Rally Contest - MAX 211 -

screenshot of the scene

Author: toni

Group: Default

Filesize: 178.39 kB

Date added: 2015-10-21

Rating: 6

Downloads: 1774

Views: 278

Comments: 5

Ratings: 3

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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My still not uploaded car MAX city nitro a city hatchback, I took it and pimped it a little:D

if you like this, I will upload the original (not rally special)
:coolgrin: enjoy
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Very cool ride, and 3 cylinder engine and 320km/h is just insane!
Yea,I do agree with Vaidas!:tup:
Now we wait for pnvv´s verification
I3s appear to be making a comeback... :lol:

I got it to 373 km/h on my comp before the engine exploded :D

But there are some problems. Firstly, you deleted the start box and platform.
everyone does this whyyyyyy

Blasted the power rule to bits. This engine gives ~380 hp @ 2000 rpm (the Dyno v2 and v3 both backed me up on this) and the car is only 666 kg ( :devil: ) so you would only be able to use 166.5 hp or push the weight to 1520kg.

Also, this scene runs at 220 HZ. This is 100 more than the maximum allowed which was 120. Everyone seems to disobey this... )|(

Good try though. If you fix those things this might do really well :)

Vaidas - you should submit an entry if you can find some time:tup:
Last edited at 2015/10/22 02:29:06 by pnvv
I agree,pnvv. You should join,Vaidas! The contest is gonna be AWESOME if you join the contest!:D
This works in 1520 kg! It is still really fast! I just made one of the fenders 900 kg and it worked, except for the fact that it bottoms out every bump and that the weight dist. is terrible.