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Duster LEGAL - 260 km/H

screenshot of the scene

Author: The Linkage

Group: Default

Filesize: 0.51 MB

Date added: 2015-10-18

Rating: 6.5

Downloads: 3027

Views: 701

Comments: 28

Ratings: 4

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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Fifth version. lotta less power

I also added a wheel blur, smoke effects and a key to change between units (km/H or MPH). That should come in handy for all you damn Americans :lol:

Okay, so just turn the ignition on, then hold X for some seconds and rev it a little with W, then press RETURN and you're good to go.

Please tell me about any bugs you find and rate the scene!

pnvv, can you test its hp? Your dyno tells me it has 130 xD

Damn, now 3rd is like 4th and 4th is like... very fast :cool:

Drive carefully! It is better to brake a bit in some places than to accelerate like hell. I did 138 even braking!

Smaller wheels so you don't whine :L

Okay now it should be legal. It still gets to 260 km/H though ;)
Last edited at 2015/10/24 19:13:12 by The Linkage
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This scene is a response to:
Title Author Rating Downloads Comments Date added
Rally Contest Revised pnvv 6 (5 votes) 622 27 2015/10/11 01:49:34
show grid
Hey technically you're an American too, just not in the part I live in :lol:

I can tell you right off the bat that that's the best damn suspension I've ever seen on a car :D

Your peak power is from 200 - 500 rpm where you have about 220 - 230 hp maximum, and 7900 torque max at the very low end of the rev range.

You can shove almost twice as much power into this thing, because the car is 1780kg, so you should be able to put about 450 hp in it, which will make it go like hell:D

I'm going to try to adapt my dyno to make power/torque curves so it will be easier to understand the engine's power outputs :)
Last edited at 2015/10/18 02:05:17 by pnvv
good car, nice dashboard, good textures, good everything!!!
Amazing! Just one question, why are those wheels so darn huge? It's like putting 26 inch rims on a truck made for only 20 inchers, it's just waaayyy to big!:lol:

Other than that, amazing!
I agree with INH, those wheels are kinda big.

I hope INH gets done with his entry so we can start the tournament sooner :lol:
God,I love that dashboard :tup:
It looks so simple and awesome at the same time! I'll test the s.u.v later :rolleyes:
By the way, is that a Dacia or a Renault? Because both of them are nearly the same but with those dacia/renault badges. :s
Last edited at 2015/10/18 03:16:09 by faytree
@pnvv: Well that's a matter of discussion here in Latin America, everyone says that you're all selfish calling your country America. Same for me though
I gotta beef the engine up a whole lot, it seems... I thought that everything weighted a little over 1000 kg :devil:
@maxgamer2000 :tup:
@INH Because it looks awesome like this.
joke, the wheels are like that because they aren't the original from the pic i used, so I just scaled them down a bit. The original are R16 I believe and it looks real ugly with those :lol:
Also that gave me some speed i think
@faytree Renault: actually i used a render of an argentinian "limited edition" version just because it was the best angle I could find. There aren't any Dacia cars here, but yeah, the differences are very few :|
@Pnvv: Yeah sorry it's taking so dang long, I'm usually this slow with making any scene. I'll speed up the process for you if you want!:tup:
Nah, take your time. You should try and do your best! :)
By the way,I´ve realized that nearly all cars in this contest have the top speed of between 190 km/h - 210 km/h. So,I can tell that this contest is going to be very competitive!:D

The Fast&Furious gearboxed Fiesta,
The Super inappropriate in everything Porshce 993 GT2,
The Sleeper Stagea,
and The 4 Speed Renaul Duster!

This is gonna be awesome!:D
Gonna try either using my usual black magic to double the engine's torque, or just copying it and putting one aside the other(It would still measure 0.75x1.5) :devil:
Last edited at 2015/10/18 17:37:36 by The Linkage
TL, I said no black magic allowed! (:lol: )

Faytree, I actually got the Red Devil up to like 280 km/h on a straight but I could never go that fast on the actual course because it would break the suspension :lol: Oh well, i'm not even participating in this contest (cause I started it! :lol: )
Okay, then I'm going for twin-turbo high compression VTEC.
Well it actually has some kind of VTEC that kicks in at 500 rpm and gives me 50 extra RPMs but I still can get some juice out of it with spring turbos and really oversized rings to push the balls down. And an improved VTEC!
I wanted to see a power curve just to see if you could notice the vtec :P
good one!
like it now?
I'm not even sure if it really has less than 450 hp, but I just spawn 2 balls per cycle. and this is the track :devil:
I've boosted the engine a lot, changed the gear ratios, made the wheels smaller, made the suspension stronger, and made the engine a lot more durable so that it doesn't stop working after a little bump. If the engine still is okay, then I'm good to go ;)
Sorry man... it got to like 700 hp according to the Dyno V2 and the V3 also said that xD

Besides, particles sometimes fly out of the engine which isn't allowed :lol:

oh yeah, and 100,000 nm at 50rpm :|
Last edited at 2015/10/19 21:53:19 by pnvv
Yeah, I actually tested the old one and the new one by hand and made a little chart some hours ago. I think your dynos are a little bit inaccurate unless you increase the flywheel's mass to like 10k kg.
Can you change the spawned balls' density so I can tune it later? I don't know how you measure it, and since it gave me 100 hp and not 700, then i'd rather ask you ;) Don't worry about the balls flying, i'll fix that as soon as i can. How much for the tournament to start?
I don't know why the chart is inverted but it is hp / RPM. Damn excel
How much for the tournament to start? How many cars? 8, and I have 4 at the moment xD

OK, I'll dig around in your code and change it :lol:
Faytree maybe the engine of the stagea can fail at try to put the gear reverse or the gear drive too, in this case is just press s for a few seconds and the engine will run normally.
100k nm at 50rpm and has a top speed of 280 km/h...
God,have mercy... *faints*
Last edited at 2015/10/20 06:51:50 by faytree
I got it up to 311 MPH on a flat surface. Translates to about 500 KM/H
*faints like faytree and calls out in Malay like him too*
The balls fly out at 500 km/h also and the rpm gors from 800 to 200 to 800 repeadedly
Did you even try, pnvv? :x
Yeah, I tried. I got it down to 440 HP so it should be legal :tup:

The tank? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......
Dammit, I forgot about that tank :|
Whatcha gonna do with the scene? will you just use the modded one and ignore this scene?
Just tell me how much density you used so that I can change it here
I just halved it, it's at 250 now. I kept the thingy that spawns 2 circles though ;)
i did some weight reducrions adn it got up to 420 km