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Perfect c gear generator

screenshot of the scene

Author: homieeee

Group: Default

Filesize: 21.24 kB

Date added: 2015-09-11

Rating: 7.3

Downloads: 506

Views: 370

Comments: 14

Ratings: 7

Times favored: 2

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


Scene tag


To duplicate gears click on them and press "control + c" then "control + v"

Update: now supports snapping for better gear meshing
Last edited at 2015/09/25 03:12:22 by homieeee
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homieeee - This works great! Good job! :tup:

Hey, maybe you could help me find a scene that I have been searching for. I don't think it was one that you made, but you might remember it anyways. The scene has a fairly long, slender, triangular shaped pointer that rotates on an axle, and it has a laser beam shining out of the pointy end of the triangle pointer. When the scene is running, any object (box, circle, or polygon) that happens to get hit by the laser, will have it's geom type (for example, "box"), it's color, and I believe some other value like its size, will be displayed. The laser will "lock" onto it. If the geometry happens to fall away from the laser, and another object gets into the laser beam, then it's info will be displayed. While the scene is running, various objects will randomly bounce around and occasionally get locked onto by the laser and its data displayed. Could you, or anyone else reading this tell me the title of that scene? I've been searching for it with many different keywords without success.

Thank you Xray!

I do not recall seeing that scene before but i can recreate it if you want. The scene would track any object in the way of a laser. The laser could record the entityid so you could get any info you want from it.
Thanks homieeee! Actually, the only thing that I need is, how to get the name of the geometry. For example, if a box, where is the name "box" stored? So, if something collides with a box, I want to get the name so that I can confirm that it's a box that the object collided with rather than a circle or a polygon. Is there a way to do that?
It is not stored anywhere but you can test for specific attributes of the geom collided. Put this code on a geom onCollide and it will return the geom type. Anything else you need just ask!

_type = "";
e.other.radius != undefined ? {
_type = "circle"
} : {
(e.other.forcevertexdrawing != undefined) ? {
_type = "Polygon"
} : {
(e.other.inertiamultiplier != undefined) ? {
_type = "Box"
} : {
_type = "Plane"
This is... this is... *grabs dictionary, but it violently explodes because it does not contain any word that can convey enough awesomeness*

I'd say it's better than Kilinich's because it's portable (I tested it! :) ) I wish there was a special homieeee button to press that gave it an 11 rating :lol:
Good idea! I'll play around with that to see if it will work well for my scene. THANKS A LOT! :tup:
No problem Xray glad i could help!

Haha thank you very much Pnvv I did use Kilinich's as a base line to improve off of, I don't think there's another c gear generator out there.
s_noonan built a few cgear generators that make non-circular gears a while back. No one really uses them, because no one needs non circular gears :lol:
@homieeee - Thankyou alot for this scene! I was trying to use Kilinich's gear generator but it makes gian gears so I could never use them in cars. This one you creates is just fine. You literally helped me in my abandoned ideas. _o_

@Xray - I know what scene is that you mentioned but i couldn't find it. I hope this helps:
If your purpose is to get just the name of the geometry put:
- If reading with laser: Name = e.geom + ""
- If reading with collideSet event: Name = e.other + ""
@lololoer - I finally found the scene that I was looking for on my own computer! I must have changed the name of the title because I cannot find a copy of it on Algobox. But what I now know is the person who made the scene used the same technique that homieeee used to name the geometries. I now have what I need for my scene.

I'm glad i could help lololoer!
Perfect? Well, that's a bold statement. Maybe near perfect. Get rid of the clouds and get past the 64 tooth limit by using Kilinich's xFor function.

_xFor := (n1, n2, code)=>{
n2 > n1 ? {
m := (n1 + n2) / 2;
_xFor(n1, m, code);
_xFor(m + 1, n2, code)
} : {code(n1)}
There we go all fixed, I think, how does it look now s_noonan?

P.S. Nice work. Now perfect gears AND perfect meshing.
Last edited at 2015/09/25 10:21:01 by s_noonan