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screenshot of the scene

Author: vaidas369

Group: Default

Filesize: 341 kB

Date added: 2015-09-11

Rating: 6.8

Downloads: 5626

Views: 621

Comments: 21

Ratings: 5

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


Scene tag

Comment, what do you thing about my created model!

Also what are your favorite cars!
:tup: :tup: :tup:

Edited and fixed speedometer
Last edited at 2016/02/28 16:54:01 by vaidas369
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*gasp* You made the bodywork yourself!!? :o

Also, how did you make such an efficient engine... I mean, 350 hp from a 150 kg engine?? With my best efficiency I would need like a 500 kg engine :'(

Sometimes I can get good power from a light engine, but then the engine vibrates so violently that even if I make the car weigh about 10 tons, the engine easily has enough force to lift the car and throw it around everywhere...

A lot better than my crappy 2002, with the 3 mile long list of bugs, thats for sure :lol:
Last edited at 2015/09/11 00:57:31 by pnvv
Sweet lord,dat M3. I love M division cars,but the M3 GTR is my top favorite!:D
The reason why I love it because of its divine straight line gearbox whining sound.

By the way,same question like pnvv does, how could you make an engine so efficient? mind if you could share some of your secrets with us:yum:
ps vaidas, I sent you a PM on the Forum like a century ago about a possible project!!

Faytree, New project :devil: There's a subliminal message hidden in this picture, mad props if you find it because I hid it pretty good...?
Hey Vaidas, for me the speedometer is broken. Could you take a look at the scripts for me? Other than that this is AWESOME!:tup:
Wait nevermind, it's all good now:lol:
@pnvv - Awesome! It's a tank-o-cycle!:lol:
And just like you said,there's a subliminal message at the screenshot. When I read the number plate, there are letters which were (RIP Grammar) " FTR VOS 369 " . After minutes of thinking, I've figured it out what it means:

"FTR( Faytree ) VOS( Vaidas? ) 369( Vaidas' numbers )"

Am I right?:lol:
drawBorder = false
That'd make it better
@faytree You found it :lol: (except the O is a D)
Pvnn - that's weird because i have no messages at all. You can send it again, my forum nick name is just like this one vaidas369.

About the engine, well as i said i just know how to make it because i just know what is effective to the power and what is not. There is no secrets really just bunch on pistons:D

Well i could say few tricks i think you keep you interested:)
Only think you want to focus on engine weight is the pistons density.
Density = collision. All the other parts can be like 15kg/m2 they don't do a lot, well the flywheel make light like 70 - 60 kg/m2 and increase inertia.
Also Pnvv said that engine fly around if powerful well that is because of spawning balls density, so to keep that balance i use thruster that pushes engine down when engine is lifting up. PS if i would not use the thruster on this engine it would fly off too.:D
eanayayo - I need to add the lines that would mark the edge if i want to make it to look good without edge drawing.
Use GT Pack, borders don't look good. Just make different gradients on parts, rotate and rescale it. I see you can draw, you only need to make volume effect
@eanayayo: Vaidas already stated on one of his previous scenes that he likes to make his cars without textures on the body:P
It's nice but the speedometer goes crazy sometimes.

I'm not a huge fan of BMWs. I'm more of an Audi guy, though my all time favourite car (sentimentally) is Fiat 126p.
If speedometer goes crazy, just reload the scene. Algodoo bug... Sometimes happens
You didn't get my PM? OK, I'll resend it.

Keep me interested? Na, man. I'll never leave algodoo, maybe I'll just concentrate on spring engines for a while. maybe I could help you out, you said in the Mustang you were having issues with yours :)
Last edited at 2015/09/12 01:56:42 by pnvv
Nice one, but needle of the speedometer stuck at 300 km/h.
But I like it :tup:
Awesome speed and everything :tup:
But that exhaust fire is horrible xD. Try using particles
Woops, I forgot to rate. I did that :)

Also, check your PM box on the forum. I've got a surprise;)
Hi i made this account just to write this XD so just to get this out of the way. pnvv you make incredible cars that so smooth roman i love your party bus thing its so well made and i love taking the pistons out of it xD.and last vaidas i love your engines man. but to get to the point your tutorial on how to make spawn engine was so helpfull and so im asking if your willing to make like a 5 speed transmission with a manual clutch tutorial if its not to mucch of a problem. And pnvv maybe you can make a vehicle with a manual clutch in it cuz it feels likke ur driving it lol.but you know its your choice. sorry this was so long
Where is most wanted body paint
i dont even know how to script, let alone make a engine