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message to ze world!

screenshot of the scene

Author: electronicboy

Group: Default

Filesize: 288.46 kB

Date added: 2015-08-28

Rating: 5

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Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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[Updated to make background color of the signs black with a low level of transparency]

I'm one of the admins here on the site, I've noticed the tension between both sides of the "Marble Roll" and the "Avanced users". I understand that both sides want to be acommodated by the site, however this can only be done if both sides are going to listen to what I have to say.

Algobox is an old website, it works to do its job amazingly, but it was created many moons ago, and no longer fits the requirements and expectations of all the users of the site, the coding language which the site is based upon has also changed, meaning that upgrading the site is a lot easier than many thing it would be.

Algobox was solely created to share scenes, and allow for them to be rated and commented, and it handles that perfectly, however missing features such as a PM system which allows for multiple users, etc, etc would require programming in, and the existing codebase just isn't ideal for expansion, however that requires developers which Algoryx currently doesn't have the resources to provide, Algodoo was created as an educational program, however the education sector is lacking in terms of technology due to goverment funding and all that around the world meaning that the IT equipment in classrooms in the EU are provided by government schemes, the IT providers bid on equipment and schools go for whom can offer the most machines for the least cash, which in essence means that IT in classrooms is still lagging, hence why Algodoo hasn't seen the pull it needed to be a commercial sucess to Algoryx and are now investing the most of their time in alternative projects.
You can't blame Algoryx for this, they're providing software for the educational sector however the sector is unable to bite, Algodoo is all about a physics simulation environment, everything else (e.g. Thyme) is an added quirk, hence why Thyme doesn't even have any documention on the net beyond user creation!

Now, there are no rules against uploading a ton of scenes, however I request a consideration of respect, Please refrain from spamming uploads, it gets annoying and in most cases it could all be placed into one scene or commented upon another.

While scene spamming is technically not against the rules, being a negative aspect IS and is a sanctionable offense. I work on a reasonably sized minecraft server, and the negative aspect rule is one which is a sucess. If you're all friendly to one another, good! However, members whom provide nothing more than a negative aspect to the community will see their privilage to contribute to the community removed.
Now, this applies to both sides, petty comments on others scenes which are unjust will not be tollerated.

Members are to be reminded that there is a report function inside Algobox to report scenes or comments which are in violation of the TOS or the rules. If you believe a member is breaking the TOS/Rules or being a negative aspect to the community, use the report function and provide a valid reason, we don't want to see reasons like "BAD USER" or reports like that, it makes the report look a lot less serious that it could be, and makes you look like somebody whom is in the wrong.

I have to say, I joined this community back in 2008, it was the time when tech was at its best, new quirks or feats was being achieved monthly, however times change. I was always too busy to work on something and never really released anything or got to learn too much about the tech, however I helped in a few projects and participated in the messed up community that was the Phun/Algodoo community. Heck, I had so many scenes stored on my computer of stuff that I had started but just never gotten to even the WIP stage.

When uploading a scene,you should consider what merit does it really have. if it took 5 minutes to create and doesn't provide anything astronomical, I'd probably consider not uploading it and trying something else.
Last edited at 2015/08/28 01:17:14 by electronicboy
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Ok good message
like I said before, I am deleting old contest scenes from algobox, so people can find something they want in the near past quicker, without looking through all those unneeded scenes. Maybe you could add that?

The detail of the scene, mostly the stars, is very distracting from the overall message, but I agree with the message, and my only problem is getting this to be known and followed!
Users going back to remove old contents is quite simply not something I expect people to do, humans are inherently lazy by design, it's one of the many aspects which has gotten us this far in the world, and Algobox doesn't exactly make mass scene operations easy, not even on the admin side, we practically see the exact same interfaces as you guys with an extra button or line of text here and there:/

Also, There is no need to run the scene, and if they still do cause an issue, just select one and use the menu to select all and delete them.
(stupid voice)
I don't get the last part
Yay high five
Last part I'm talking about the stars, I've not had an issue while reading back (Like I actually did that ;-;) but I saw no issues, but keeping the scene paused means they're not moving which shouldn't cause any issues. You can also use the "select similar" button in the selection menu on one of the circles and delete them all, they're all created using the exact same code so Algodoo finds them all easily.
Well yeah
But who would delete the stars they are cool
But they are distracting even when it is paused.
Can you make the stars follow charts so you can find constellations and stuff?
Then again, it would be probably be night before you got that finished.
Never mind I can do without star's location accurate
Guys you're going way off topic.
@LastChance: I don't think he's talking about old scenes, he is talking about the scenes being UPLOADED CURRENTLY, deleting old scenes simply won't help. What would help is chaning what scenes you post and how good you make them

Making MR/Algodecathlon 24/7 is very annoying and is old now, that's why so many people are causing a huge fuss, plus 99% of them are just stuff that does NO THING or just does one thing which is very boring.
I agree,INH.
Because most of those scenes have the same concept.

announcement - player picking - maps - throwing racers with hurdles - winner - elimination - execution - announcement
InsertNameHere, is it ok if I make MRs and Algodecathlon with making cars, cool machines, scripting etc... (Well there probably wont be scripting...)
Well if you're just making another MR/Algodecathlon and masking the objects with different things, it's basically the same concept so it probably won't be liked from other users like us, but if you post cars, cool machines, and scripting examples in unique and neat ways, THEN you'll start to get praised and liked by more of the community!:tup:
Yeah, and you'll gain more subscribers too!:D
I checked on algobox... and the first marble race ever was by cvanci

Here is the scene:
electronicboy - Your "message to ze world!" says a lot, but some of the worst offenders who violate the rules of etiquette and the TOS, are very young children who are not capable of understanding even the first sentence of your message! Therein lies the problem. I've lost count of the number of "Reports" that I have received which have nothing to do with reporting rule violations, but they are idiotic comments such as "I hate blue". If I send the person a warning in order to explain to them why they should not be using the Report link for making silly comments, they reply with more inane comments! So, I feel strongly that we need to do something to prevent very young children from registering. In my opinion, if they are too young to understand the Algodoo Terms Of Service then they should not be allowed to register.
@Xray: I AGREE WITH THE AGE THING 100%, I mean since algodoo doesn't have that, any kid, no matter how young and or ignorant can register and ignore everyone but themselves, if algodoo had an age limit for registering, that would be really cool. Maybe the age-limit could be 11-12 since that's right around when kids finnaly start listening to others and actualy care for their feelings as well
Omg, I forgot this was in the rules!!!

"6. Upload a scene that is not meant to be spread as a scene, but should rather be posted on a bulletin board, market place, or other Service not in the scope of the Service's functionalit;"

I always knew it was an official rule as such, but last time I looked it was super late on a old as heck phone and I couldn't find it, but BAM

Also, you can usually capture most reply comments on "Verbally abusing users or staff is considered poor etiquette and measures can be taken without notice or explanation."otherwise repeated mis-use of the report tool could be deemed negative aspect but depending on the severity and contents of the reports it would most likely only be a temp ban at most.

I'm very loose when it comes to the rules, but I'm even looser when it comes to protocols in place for sanctions. you may get a warning, carry on you may get a second, but after that you're ending up with either a temp ban or a perm ban.

Age limits also don't work, especially as the tool we're talking about is really designed for use in educational institutes where users can be 6-18, it's not really about them using it, it's more about how they use it. Not sure of the law around the world, but over here in the UK you have to be 13 to be able to agree to terms of service documents, however parents/supervisors may accept it on your behalf (e.g. parental approval to use the software/service, not sure on the legality but it's usually accepted). Lying on the internet is also common and not exactly something you can do too much about, heck, the number of 10 year olds on facebook these days!
I wouldn't mind that, I'm 12 right now and in a month I'll be 13:)

Also, I will do a bit more cars, but I'm not very good at making them...
"You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit for any commercial purposes, any portion of the Service, use of the Service, or access to the Service. "

I also don't like that line, it kinda screws a hole in an idea I potentially was planning to work on in my spare time to improve my programming experience! ;-;

Also, I'm sure that there are a few dozen people in that age bracket who create reasonable content however are over-shaded with those who don't,
Nothing personal electronicboy but that just will not work, because it dint stopped months ago it will not stop now. Also the issue with spawn scenes just growing and if we cant do anything about this site i would say to think about our own one.

Also you must agree that your message will be heart only of those who cares about it, the others just ignore it and keeps doing hes spawn scenes and does not even thinks about it to stop because why he should?

And if this will not be solved by in about the year i think that algobox will become just a big spawn place because all the good users will leave because no one will be seeing he's scenes or at least say a good word for spending the week on one project.
And by those numbers that are left (and its a miracle that i'm still here) i think we don't have much time left.
Last edited at 2015/08/28 13:42:48 by vaidas369