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Agario in Algodoo Beta-v3.0

screenshot of the scene

Author: Luka

Group: Default

Filesize: 9.5 kB

Date added: 2015-08-25

Rating: 6.1

Downloads: 4085

Views: 493

Comments: 14

Ratings: 3

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


Scene tag

A rough (it's a site) replica designed for singleplayer. It includes:
- Absorption of smaller cells (You need to be 1.1x larger than the other cell)
- Movement speed different depending on radius (the mass)
- Pellet generation
- Cell generation
- Random NPC cell mass every game
- NPC cells move in random directions
- Random cell colors every game

How to play:
- Use your mouse to move
- Eat pellets to gain some mass and counterreact decay
- Eat cells to absorb it and its mass
- Use W to eject mass (No use for now, except if you're big to give to tiny:D)
- Survive as long as you can!

Known issues:
- Pressing W actually ejects two instead of one. e.pressed == true doesn't work.

- Add two-player mode
- Splitting (Worried about length of the code, though theoretically possible to even have special movement directions)

Impossible todo:
- Advanced NPC (never possible to behave like an Ogar bot)
- Need to cover the cell to eat it
- Update radius supressor (Impossible)

Update log (brief):
Beta-v3.0 - Thanks to Ogar, I've found a way to balance the size over time.
Beta-v2.7 - Mass ejection speed tweaked.
Beta-v2.6 - Added mass ejection (Thanks to T'wind_). Tweaked density increase. Added first-time cell generation (up to 500 mass).
Beta-v2.1 - Fixed being slow at 200+ mass by using density as a slow-down.
Beta-v2 - Added viruses. There will be 40 in the map. They'll give 100 mass on collision if you have at least 133 mass. I'll need to implement mass loss some time soon. Implemented mouse moving (Thanks to Kilinich). I'll need to increase thruster force for large masses.
Beta-v1.11 - Made updates to the Todo.
Beta-v1.1 - Added variable _realRadius to all pellets and cells. Radius is determined by 1/3 of _realRadius. Added Highscore. Decreased cell generation tick to 120.
Last edited at 2015/10/13 10:57:38 by Luka
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how do you move?
sorry, didn't add it, use arrow keys. Also report if something goes wrong! It's still badly stable.
That is absolutely fantasic! =)

Little suggestion: The growing rate is too fast - slow it down a little bit and it would be more challenging!;)
I would give this a try in my laptop when I'm free:tup:
I ate too much that I became over the maps size...

Great job as always, Luka!
somehow I got near someone who was big, I ate him, and then I somehow won!
Yes there is a possibility that you can be as large as the whole map.
Scientific Accuracy - Yes I know, it's listed in the issues. I'm looking over on fixing it.
Could you sign up on my camp?
My score was over 9000!
The growing rate is still too high. you should couple the mass with the area. The correct mass/area ratio is 1/1. Twice the mass is twice the area.

A circle with a doubled radius has 4-times the area (also the mass in
This is amazing indeed, but it has... bugs...

As an example, once you get to above about 2500 mass than your ball will start expanding so fast that the mass goes to like 10000 without pressing anything and also covers the whole frakkin' screen! :lol:

I'd honestly give it an 8/10 now, but if you fix that then this gets a 10 from me!:)
pnvv - That problem is present after a LOT of time, it's only to the pellets that are making things worse.
Scientific Accuracy - It won't matter, it still won't make much difference, the cell just gets removed a chunk of its radius by both mine and your algorithm. What I want is an increasing radius supression the more you get larger, like in (Since the max cell mass in is 22500, after which it splits, it makes things a whole lot easier, here without splitting it might get to the size you actually lose your radius the more you eat.)
macky527 - nein
How do you split an give mass? Also the player is losing mass auto maticly.
W and splitting aren't implemented for now. That's called decay.