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How It's Made: The Gun Skin

screenshot of the scene

Author: Meerkoos

Group: Default

Filesize: 1.86 MB

Date added: 2015-08-23

Rating: 7

Downloads: 2192

Views: 442

Comments: 13

Ratings: 6

Times favored: 1

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0

gun skin,
gun tutorial,
how to

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Hey all! :*)

Here is a slideshow of how I make my gun skins, for those who are curious. Also, it is a sneak peek of the incoming SIG P210. Stay tuned and expect one in a few weeks!!

Enjoy the scene! Let me know in the comments for your gun requests and reactions.
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Fantastic explanation of how you do this. Definitely more complex than what I do, and definitely more professional.I should probably take a few notes and learn from this.:tup:
Well that's a hard method for the initial shape. Gonna try it for my Vector

But why don't you use a wood texture for the grip (like Algodoo's normal wood)? You can make awesome-looking wood with those textures, some filters with transparent polygons and details upon all that.
I always use the same example, but I think it looks quite good :tup:
This is way different than the way I do it. That definitely looks like it takes a lot more time, but the outcome is awesome!
@ngphil @vaidas369 @TheClankinator: Thanks a lot for the positive responses! It does take a LOT more time, but the result is, as you say, quite satisfying.

@The Linkage: I feel stupid. The default Algodoo wood texture is actually great... All this time, and I completely forgot. Thanks for the awakening man. I'll try nosing around this whole wood business, and I'll come up with a good result.
The amount of detail put in this is amazing! Thanks for doing my suggestion!
This is pretty much exactly how I make skins in algoodo. I use other shapes to cut things out.
What gun will you make after this? AKM? PPSh? HK?

i need to know m9:P
@Anaminus: Aha man... You just reminded me of my dead projects. They are all still dormant in my computer drive. I can tell you now that in order to revive them, I'll need to restart. Literally. I screwed up the selector on the PPSh, I half-assed a gas-op for the AKM, and the G3, well, 1500 Hz with no mag isn't gonna do. It is pretty disappointing. Add that with my incoming graduating senior year, I'll have very little time to finish them, let alone restart.

Luckily, I am gaining more and more experience with every mistake. I'll leave the old projects as reminders of improvement. Phil showed me his Glock, and I was very impressed. He definitely raised the bar. Therefore, expect the next project, after the P210, to be a Glock 23. I'll make it Meerkoos style.

You might ask if I consider long guns (I made way too many handguns). I'll try making an MP5 (pretty ambitious), or (don't tell anyone) an SKS with Phil. I already have the skin for the SKS.

Cheers mate.
SKS?:o People would like that :3
Or maybe a mac10?:oOOO
@Anaminus2 Not a bad idea. I might venture in this whole machine pistol business. Maybe even an Uzi.