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Glock 21 .45 ACP

screenshot of the scene

Author: ngphil

Group: Technical

Filesize: 368.97 kB

Date added: 2015-08-22

Rating: 6.8

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Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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Because the 1911 is overrated, I decided to do my best at what is basically the .45 ACP version of the Glock 17. It holds a whopping 10 rounds for a handgun of its big-bore awesomeness, which is almost unheard of elsewhere (except maybe the FNP-45, which is more of a hand-held cannon than a hand gun.) And the sheer simplicity of this should be handy, too: Just aim and shoot. no grip safeties, no manual safeties, nothing that'll complicate the use for the operator. Yet it's as safe as any other due to its internal glory. If there's anything Austria has done that's outstanding for the world, it'd be providing worldwide military, police, and collectors with a handgun that can stand up to nearly any abuse and still put a round in the direction of your foe, be it a militant, an intruder, or those damn scary paper circles!

To use: drop the slide to battery. to do this, the drag tool can be used to pull the slide back, and release, to drop the slide catch, or the down or left arrow keys work. Then, it's ready to shoot with the drag tool or the enter key (an overlay have been added to ensure you're pulling the correct piece of the scissor trigger safety).

Yes, it disassembles: once you're out of ammo, be sure to remove the magazine with the M key (or by dragging the mag release forward), and drop the slide to battery. Pull the trigger to remove pressure from the striker, and hold the right arrow key. ever so slightly pull the slide back, and drag it forward and off the frame. Disassemble in the disassembly jig on the ground. Flip the slide over so the underside is facing up. Then, remove the spring and spring guide, then the barrel.

It's not perfect, but it's pretty close, and likely one of my best pistols so far.

Last edited at 2016/08/07 19:01:29 by ngphil
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That's some sick details there:D
You're insane!
Which is good because you have to be insane to be a genius, i know it. :tup:
Thanks! Yes, I am a bit . . . twisted
Awesome function! The speed on this awesome!:D
Great work! It's very well detailed.
just genius, I never managed to make a good gun even though I really love how they work I couldnt build a good one
10/10 :tup:

you use a normal mouse to make that details? or some sort of graphic tablet ?
thats amazing I don't get it _o_
I am about to customize the living, breathing shit out of this...

Thanks NG!
toni, yes, I use a normal mouse and keyboard to detail the firearm. It was something I neglected to pay much attention to in the past, and I focused on functionality instead. Now, I try to get EVERYTHING beautiful and functional. No graphics tablets, not gimmicks. Just the mouse and keyboard.
please make another scripted AK
Can you make a halo 5 m6h2
I've already beaten the shit out of the Kalash and Armalite systems, and have little to no interest or intent on making yet ANOTHER AK or AR.

HALO guy#1, I'm not big into Halo, and though the guns from the games LOOK good, their proportions would not work mechanically in many cases. Scripted, yes, but that's something the I feel defeats the purpose. Besides, I hardly have time to play Algodoo much these days, and anything I build would take a while to put out.

I'll be joining the Navy soon, and will likely pursue a career with the service. After basic and all the training involved in enlisting, and when I'm home from deployments here and there, I'll certainly put out some work if I have the time, though I'm likely not going to have much in the near future. I'm not gone. NEVER am I "gone." I will always be lurking around as long as this place exists ;)
5733.8 m/s ammo.
about 18.8k fps