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Idea of saving Algobox!

screenshot of the scene

Author: vaidas369

Group: Default

Filesize: 318.85 kB

Date added: 2015-08-19

Rating: 6.1

Downloads: 1075

Views: 713

Comments: 34

Ratings: 3

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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One man can't do that, but the army CAN!
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Great idea!:tup:
Or how about we made a donation campaign!
Just add a "Donate" button to the "Download" section or at the "Home" section!
The money that was donated can be used to reactivate Algodoo's progress!

The Donation money can be at:
- 2€
- 5€
- [ optionable ]

Well,here's my suggestion for the Donation campaign. We'll do like some people do at Patreon like giving Algodoo T-Shirts when a user donated 5€, 3D Printed orange colored "A" letter from Algodoo's logo when a user donated 35€ or a "Thyme" tutorial book when a user donated 55€ and up!

Soooo,anyone with me?:yum:
Last edited at 2015/08/19 14:44:46 by faytree
faytree - I agree with donation, i always thought of this idea but then thought again that lets admit, about 80% or more algodoo community are children and can't do that even if they would want to.

P.S like the shirt idea, i would buy one:)
I'll take a shirt too :lol:

Vaidas has a point here. I think this division idea has been visited multiple times. It's a good idea but it's never been seriously considered by Algoryx.

Maybe we could start a petition, which the users of algodoo would sign. Then if it gets enough votes/signatures then Algobox would get cut in half.

I actually thought about starting a private website that I would run where quality scenes could get posted, and anyone who builds marble races would be kicked out immediately or simply not allowed to join at all. I figured Algoryx wouldn't like this, so I didn't do it.

Vaidas, you should start making awesome cars again. I've been the only one making them for a while, and not having any strong competition gets really annoying....
Last edited at 2015/08/19 16:05:22 by pnvv
I would buy one too
pnvv - i know that feeling... I suppose i should continue, but first i want to solve this problem that got us here in the first place.
People have been coming up with ideas to save Algobox for many months, but if Algoryx (the company that owns it) is not willing to provide the money and resources that would be required to make the necessary updates and modifications, then nothing that we suggest is going to happen. I totally agree that something major needs to be done, and it will not be fixed with a quick "bandaid" fix, which is all that the Algoryx employees are willing to devote to it at this time. :(

I've been saying for months that Algobox needs to be split up into two groups: "Junior" and "Advanced", and I still strongly believe that. Once the split has been made, then we can decide HOW we should utilize the split in order to make Algobox efficient and useful for everyone, including the marble race fans.
Last edited at 2015/08/19 16:22:13 by Xray
Xray - Then lets just do it, if the problem is in money i think we all will be able to do the right thing for all our community. Today i'll write a letter to Algoryx and i'll ask about this idea.

Also i want to ask everyone who cares about this problem as much as i do.
Send a letter and as we do that they will hear us!

Here's the link,
Stay strong, we will save it!
Last edited at 2015/08/19 16:38:05 by vaidas369
Xray - I still don't think we should split, I mean, some user post marbles and such but also put up cool things, too so... It could be hard to switch between them to put these scenes up

faytree - You probably also put up other currencies too... I live in the U.S.A, so I don't have pounds, I have US dollars
alasmyfoe - It's called Euros, pounds are uses in United Kingdom where i live.
And as i know the 1$ is 0.90 Euros.
I can't believe they started using euros in only 1999!
And guys, I wish you would stop making stereotypes about MR makers. How would you like it if I started calling you guys bad names?
LastChance, you really REALLY don't get what's going on do you? Now please scoot off and learn what's happening before commenting first.
Here, my idea of the thing:

How about we add something called "User Block?"

User block lets you block any user from showing on your screen in Algobox! Their scenes will be replaced with blocks saying "Blocked User"

Also, great Idea, faytree!

There could be a donation program, for to improve Algodoo, Algoryx's other things, and even make algodoo on other devices! Maybe the Windows 10 Tablet! (IDK if there is a version of that though...) Here are some things I would want to be changed though:

- You can donate any amount of money.

- Donating $5 gets you the Algodoo T-Shirt (Both are optional, you can pick both or 1!) and the algodoo A, donating $20 will get you the Thyme Tutorial Book, and $30 or higher will get you 7 gift cards for Algodoo for ANY version!

- They can make a Algodoo Shop for Algodoo!

- Different types of T-Shirts for Algodoo
- One with the logo itself
- One with Phun on it
- One with the logo of the A
- One with machines
- One with Algodecathlon (That's optional, I know most of you guys hate algodecathlons, so either.)
- One with Marbles (Same as the Algodecathlon Style!)

So yeah, what do you think?
Also, you can un-block users anytime. And you can still go in their account.

Also, you could add a messaging system in Algodoo! Like, ACTUALLY, and not the one on the forum.
So you saying that its good idea would be to block for us about 85% of algodoo users? Mind that there's like 10 new every day.

Splinting in groups would do a lot bigger fix. That is just my option.
I agree with donation and optional gifts for donating, but yeah algodoo needs to have a seperate window made specially for marble races. Since blocking people is just pretty dumb and will become very tedeous after a while.
I think the donation idea is really quite a good idea. Although if it was real I would go bankrupt buying all the books:P

If we got a donation or a petition like pnvv said that would really help in this issue.

I spent 6 hours scripting one of my guns to see a scene posted after I uploaded mine, and all it had were pictures of soup. I almost had a mental breakdown on his scene. I think something has to be done
Last edited at 2015/08/20 05:50:50 by TheClankinator
Now I'm not saying that anybody should do this, but here's an idea:

Idea deleted because it was too diabolical.
Last edited at 2015/08/21 11:12:54 by s_noonan
I'm agreeing with this. It's an excellent way to remove 'junk' (no offense) scenes and continue the trend of cool cars, flying machines and all that glory the users have.
Or maybe an even simpler idea; what about returning the jobs of admins and moderators and check every scene posted? That way spam posts will be removed and staff at least have something to do on Algobox. Unfortunately the other 'half-junk' scenes would need to pass through ;_;

p.s. this is my bad that Algobox is getting overthrowed with the marble races, just because i made my marble pack. (Ban me if you want Xray lol)
Well,Luka. Like Xray said, his "hands" got "tied up" by Emanuel. That means the Admins can't delete junk scene anymore, if I'm not mistaken:(
Luka,You are back?
I suport the user block idea. I would like it if I couldn't see any scenes or comments by specific users. My mom would uninstall algodoo for me if she saw I was seeing words like C**p and Fr**k. My mom wants me to have a very clean mind and to not use those words constantly when I'm older. So with the comment block, I could just not see users that say things like that.
BTW InsertNameHere, I'm pretty sure I DO know what is happening here, but I don't think I expressed myself very good in that comment
Yay!!! Luka is back!
if your mother wants you to have a clean mind, you're kinda on the wrong website. After all there is a large split between the older people of the community who have been here for years where swearing is part of the day. When you get older you'll understand that there is a difference between cussing your ass off cause you're irrespectable, and using it correctly in tone.

The issue here is that we've literally got our hands tied back, Message scenes are now allowed for some reason, back in the day they'd usually be deleted, however we simply don't have the authority to do so.

User blocks are stupid and tedious, the only way for them to be effective is to completly block them out of the front page, not the whole "user blocked" messages instead, it also requires a level of programming which just isn't really ideal with the current state of Algobox. The site was coded back in like 2008, while parts of it have been updated over time to work properly, the main code for the site is somewhat outdated architecturally, I've tried to get access to the code from Emanuel, however the current code state is really far from ideal and pretty much in his own words he couldn't torture somebody like that. Nothing against the programmer, he was a great guy and coding standards and methods have changed greatly from then, I may ask to take it on as a university project when that time comes, however that will be at least 2-3 years away before that part of the course starts so I might do a whole bunch of logging everything and tweaking dates and stuff, but I'd have to speak to Algoryx about the whole thing.
my point was again misunderstood. I see swear words every day, and I'm okay with them, but sometimes family members look over my shoulder, so I made that comment for the sake of my account.
You can't say your point was misunderstood when your point was hardly there...
If you only say that your mother wants you to have a clean mind and she doesn't want you to see stuff like that, then thats all we can ever understand.
ok fine...
I didn't explain the situation well enough. OK?
I think that the main thing is that algoryx doesnt update this site anymore since ever, so they are doing nothing for us. we should make free website or just a blog or whatever and make the layout better for the useres for every one and just upload scenes there, we could use a chat a better comment section, a video section with tutorials and other stuff made by algodoo, we would be much closer to each other and mybe more people would find out that algodoo exist and they will join us. why not... the donate thing is a great idea but its too much futuristic give it some time :tup:
From all those comments read I can state Algoryx is on a tight budget surplus (or even in a deficit, who knows),
That the problem of junk scenes became so problematic admins got tied up around their scene deletion,
That Algoryx does not want to be involved in this with money,
That it can't afford to get ANY new staff,
and that the community is, literally speaking, splitting up.

We must say Algobox is dead in the perspective of code; just because Algoryx doesn't want to spend money. It doesn't mean it's dead as the community, it's even growing, with (probably?) more and more donations over time.
Why not just add advertisements to Algobox to generate profit?
I know this will hurt the community's reputation to Algoryx (which is still bad if you ask me) but looking in the future it's a good start.

I want, and you want, for Algoryx to respond to this as soon as possible. Don't make the Algobox community split up like USSR did in the days.
Well the fact is that if they don't going to do anything about it community will, and there's no other option for us.
Our website is the another option if this will stay as it is, because the way i see this problem is growing and no one is about to do anything to stop it.

If we could get with donation enough money to open our own site with our own rules and etc admit that would be as awesome as it could be. And the best part would be that we would have control in our hands and no one could stop us from making any decisions.

With that here's the another part of the story i don't think that Algoryx that would like because if we would build better site they would start losing Algobox users... But (sarcasm) as i seen in the Facebook page they are happy about growing scenes number, they don't even know that its 80% spam... And honestly i don't think so they care about it anymore.

Xray - there's question for you. If there would be collected enough money for about 6 months to be fully paid website would you create it? Well sure if that does not go against any of your contract rules...
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