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Simple Wankel motor 4 Pnvv

screenshot of the scene

Author: danijelgliga2004

Group: Default

Filesize: 64.34 kB

Date added: 2015-08-06

Rating: 5

Downloads: 473

Views: 271

Comments: 16

Ratings: 1

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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this is a example for pnvv to fix. because
i suck so bad at making rotarys. even it didnt
work getting details from The Linkage's Fuel powered
1 rotor Wankel. Pnvv can you fix maybe? that thing and use
it in another car? you can switch it to a spawn engine instead
a spring engine! So anyways Enjoy Fixing it LOL. -Danijel
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I think this can't be fixed. :(
The problem you have there is that you used normal gears AND 60 Hz. Put frequency at 120 and use cgears ( … p?id=28444)
Use 8 and 12 teeth Cgears, scale the little one down a little bit (98%) using SHIFT, and make the teeth very heavy (250 or 500 of density)
T'wind, shut up. Anything can be fixed. But I agree with TL, Cgears are a lot better than normal gears.

By the way, wankel housings aren't shaped like this. It's more like two partly merged circles instead of one stretched one.
well i guess a re-build can be done. youre wrong T'wind
This is just an example. you guys know that i suck
so horribly bad at making rotary's Im not like you guys who
can script well. YOU GUYS KNOW THAT lol
@Danijel - Even though I'm good at scripting ( well, not a pro ), I can't even make a Wankel engine. The triangle is always biting my butt xP
yeah fail with rotarys
if somebody can make me parts ill try to mockup everything.
-Faytree Digons might be easy. but look up in wikipedia
the engine models. LOL
EVERYBODY! listen up. The Best scripters can do a tutorial.
or maybe not. watch up in Wikipedia the engine models!
The tutorial can be very helpful if you dont know how to deal with
I built a digon once, but it sucked. Faytree still put it in a car though :yum:

But don't beg lol. That never solves anything...
Last edited at 2015/08/06 16:12:49 by pnvv
When it comes to me and me imaginary crush (Pearl) every engine swap is possible! :v :v :v
-PNVV and faytree. You guys remember the digon Miata
I reacht 167 Mph. That wasnt a joke. faytree said
that thing has poor accelaration. Youre Wrong
read comment ^^^^^^^^^
Guys now im making some components 4 a rotary :^_^:
done. check out ma rotary partz
Ok, I was wrong. :blush: But almost every part of it must be changed.