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The Thermonuclear Weapon of Algodoo

screenshot of the scene

Author: ngphil

Group: Default

Filesize: 22.44 kB

Date added: 2015-08-03

Rating: 6.8

Downloads: 3922

Views: 506

Comments: 11

Ratings: 5

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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for those of you who think hand grenades and high-explosives are simply too-mundane, or their use is too risky or tedious, I present to you the solution: why go to a foreign country and invade when you can just blow the ever living $#!@ out of them with the corresponding launch codes and a buddy to turn the other key? It's a no-brainer, honestly. And for those of you who'd venture to say destructive devices of these proportions are merely a pyrotechnic show, I dare you to stand anywhere withing 20 miles of this bottle rocket when the fuze burns out. Unless you have SPF-5e7, which in that case, you're set in regards to the heat and radiation. The immense blast wave that follows a mere few moments after the flash? Probably not.

I will point out that it is highly recommended your computer be relatively well-endowed with the magic of a modern processor and graphics card. This scene LAGS. For good reason: I didn't half-ass the scripts here, and went all-out on realism as far as I could without turning my computer into a beautiful pile of molten polymer, metal, and silicon.

you have been warned. If you're attempting to run this scene on a toaster, I'm not going to be held responsible for said toaster becoming toast. All this talk about toast has made me hungry.

Simply start the scene, and watch the "fireworks." Not liable for vaporization, excessive 3rd-degree burns, shutdown of internal organs, cancerous growths, long-term health issues, mutated offspring, or general ailments.

*Edit* Huge update in visual sexiness. Mushroom cloud is now much more mushroomy and beautiful

Last edited at 2015/08/05 19:25:21 by ngphil
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*me on a monday*
I could simplify all that huge script into a few lines... :lol:
Officially: my computer hates you. I'm running at 6 fps with the scene PAUSED at 25 secs :blink:
Awesome effect! Pity that it lags so freaking much. After tha shockwave expands, I can't get more than 5% sim time with my processor clocked at 4.5 :|
Sorry about that, but I'd anticipated it'd run incredibly slow for some. It runs RELATIVELY well for me, but then again I have an ASUS Laptop that's pretty gnarly for its size. A 4-digit price tag one.
I just came in my shorts. Damn it NG. xD
Nicely done, phil. But there are six white tracers that form a sort of pyramid shape of three white horizontal lines across the fireball. Are they supposed to be there? I don't think they should be, based on other thermonuclear explosions that I've seen on TV and in movies.
they're the condensation rings that form around an explosion with such immense pressure gradients. Nicknamed "Wilson clouds", they result when the area just inside a shock wave in humid air experiences a dramatic drop in pressure due to rarefaction, where the air displacement from the shock wave results in a lower pressure. Should the pressure in this rarefaction zone drop below the dew point of the air mass, the water vapor in that area instantly condenses into microscopic water droplets, creating a cloud. depending on temperature and altitude, many rings can form around an explosion, with varying thicknesses and levels. it's the same mist you'll sometimes see over an airplane's wings in cold humid weather, or at the tips of the wings of fighters or rockets when performing high-g maneuvers that result in a tremendous pressure gradient. Or a Mach cone when a plane reaches trans-sonic or super-sonic speeds.

why I love the F-22

Hades liked it, so he put a ring on it
Wilson clouds? Interesting! Yeah, I've seen pictures of donut shaped clouds that form around supersonic aircraft. The next time I see a nuclear explosion in real life, I'll look for the Wilson clouds. :lol:
If you were not blinded or killed by the initial blast, I'd look for the deepest cave or thickest bunker I could find. I'd want as many halving thicknesses between me and the outside as possible to ensure my chances of survival were high. Yes, it'd be nice not to feel anything if I were vaporized at ground zero, but that's unlikely to happen (most deployed nuclear devices are tactical munitions, and would have a tiny yield in comparison to the city-leveling strategic nukes you've seen tested on video.) Your chances of going quickly are slim unless you're about a quarter mile or less from a high-value target. otherwise, expect severe burns, blindness, and a deafening boom, followed by possible firestorms. I wouldn't WANT to see a nuclear explosion in real life, and I wouldn't be focused on the wilson clouds. I'd be focused on survival:P
Well have you seen the scene? It will simplify your script a lot and maybe make less lag (though I'm not sure about that last part :/ )
We're Algo-doomed!