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1956 Kazahn Calah

screenshot of the scene

Author: InsertNameHere

Group: Default

Filesize: 146.85 kB

Date added: 2015-08-02

Rating: 6.5

Downloads: 4131

Views: 437

Comments: 27

Ratings: 4

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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HEAVILY inspired by NazguuuL's Gaz 23! Credit goes to him for the inspiration of my car from his Gaz 23!:tup:
Credit goes to Vaidas369 for his maps!:tup:

Edit: (hopefully) Fixed the direct solver issue for Pnvv!

1956 Kazahn Calah Pronunciation - (K-uh-z-aw-n) (Ka-l-aw)

A mid-class luxury 4 door sedan. It comes with an inline 4 120HP Spring Engine with a 4 speed manual. The car's top
speed is around 135MPH or 216KMH. The engine's top RPMs is around 75Rad/s with a rev-limiter at 68Rad/s (The engine can rev up to 75 but you cannot accelerate past 68 - 70Rad/s)

To know when to shift, watch the tail pipe. When it is shaking pretty crazily, that is when you shift! Be sure to downshift as well, the clutch is automatic as well
so you don't have to worry about that!

The bodyshell has a dry weight of about 742KG
The engine has a dry weight of about 350KG
The suspension and wheels have a dry weight of about 475KG all together
The cargo weighs 110KG all together
The total weight of the entire vehicle is 1677KG or 1.84 short tons.

(I know the engine uses thrusters but PLEASE don't bug me about it, I wanted to make sure this scene will play at
a good speed on any PC that runs Algodoo! And I put a rev-limiter on there as well to prevent any +inf RPM. PLEASE
don't bug me over using thrusters on my engine!)

100Hz or this'll be buggy! Controls are in the scene!

Also my S500 is planned to be drawn back a bit more, the thing is a real pain for me to work on and I've really lost inspiration on it, so don't get excited about
the car getting released any time soon, it'll be released in about 2 months at the least.

Cars planned after this:
1993 Itay 1500 (A flatbed cargo truck)
1947 Kazahn Mk1 (A car based off of the Willy's Americar)
And maybe another Itay vehicle, maybe a semi truck!

-INH Copyright 2015-2020-

Do not copy or use any parts from this scene unless I give special permission through Algodoo Forum's PM. Using any
part of this scene without my special permission will result in a comment on your scene stating that you used my parts
without permission and a report will soon follow.

The car names are also under copyright of me, if you want to use the name at all, please contact me in the algodoo forum.

Kazahn is a car brand that originated in the country of Russia in the early 30s
Itay is a cargo transportation vehicle brand that originated in the middle-east in the late 60s but was bought by Kazahn in the mid 70s

(Yes Kazahn and Itay are made-up vehicle brands by me, because mainly, why not!? It's fun having a truely original car brand in a ficitional world!)
Last edited at 2015/08/03 01:09:13 by InsertNameHere
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Hey, InsertNameHere, can I use your human for 2 things?
What would you like to use him for?

If it is used for anything such as or simmilar to, algodecathlon/marble race/BDFI then I'm sorry, you cannot use it for that.
A nice car but it gets all screwed up because of the damned direct solvers. Why algoryx, whyyyyyy did you think that was a good idea??

If you fix it I'll give 10. I like your new style of building cars :)
Uuh,pnvv. What's a direct solver?:huh:

By the way, I do love some Russian cars due to its names and beautiful classic looks. Oh,I do agree with pnvv because you've totally improved the bodywork design :3
Well, I can help you out with the thruster thing. Thyme scripting may help you to make spring engines stronger when on throttle without the use of thrusters,I'll make a tutorial soon( once the collab between me and pnvv is finished ). Overall, Good Job:tup:
Last edited at 2015/08/03 01:03:47 by faytree
@Faytree: NOOOO THANKS!:lol: I've got it under controll, I made the throttle system with thrusters just to save sim time and framerate! I don't need any help, I have it under controll! Thanks though:tup:

@Pnvv: Uhm, how the heck do I fix the direct solver issue? I have ZERO issues on my side and faytree's so I think something may be broken with your algodoo:lol: But in all seriousness, how the eff do I fix it?
I think I fixed it, care to test Pnvv?:)
Oh,don't worry!:lol:
It only eats about 1 frame per sec- *BOOOM!* ...I guess you're right:lol:

Speaking of collabs, here's the collab that I was talking about ( 80% completed ) Click me
Nope, not fixed. Maybe if all the Algoryx devs would stop jacking off all day and try and fix it, maybe this wouldn't be an issue.
Last edited at 2015/08/03 01:14:06 by pnvv
@Pnvv: I think your Algodoo install may be screwed, try COMPLETELY un-installing your algodoo and have a back-up folder for your scenes and phunlets, and do a fresh install of your algodoo. That could fix it if the direct solvers are only happening for you:tup:
I actually tried that once. Did nothing! <_<
I have no idea then, try asking for technical help in the Algodoo forums? I don't know since I've never had this problem ever before and you're like one of the few who have so I don't know
Same issue here, Direct Solver is having issues.

I've linked the scene up to Emanuel, however its worth noting that Algoryx is working on projects that are actually bring them some traction, Algodoo is kinda on hiatus while the target market becomes actually viable. Software designed for schools doesn't really go too well when it requires machines from this decade...:/
2 years of hiatus?,I can tell that Algoryx is kinda busy.
No, not for Algodecathlons and MR.

I was going to use it in some of my machines, such as my Cargo Car!
@electronicboy: Oh that's really weird, like you and pnvv are the only people having direct solver issues, can you please tell me on how to fix it or... is it un-fixable?

@Ultragamer: Mind sending me a few screenshots of your machines you are wanting to use my guy on? You can send me them on the Algodoo forum:tup:
Hm, Worth noting that I am an OSx user, I'll consider testing it in windows if I remember sometime. pnvv, what OS are you on?
@electronic: If I read correctly pnvv was also an OSx/Linux user himself but pnvv himself would need to confirm it

If the forcedirectsolver issue isn't happening on windows but is happening on OSx/Linux then that means it isn't my scene but, it's the OS. That may seem weird but it does kinda make sence since Windows/OSx/Linux all process things differently and use different base coding
I'm using OSx but I do have a Windows computer also, although I don't use it very often because it's slow as hell. I never remember it giving direct solvers though.
To be honest, different platforms can produce different results in certain rare untested cases, I think you have to remember that in some areas people are using Algodoo in ways which aren't really tested by Algoryx and so it can cause a few WTH moments internally inside the application when a function in windows works slightly different to *nix based platforms.
Yeah, it probably is the platform that you're using, since both of you are using OSx and it gives direct solver issues but on your computers with windows, they somehow never got direct solver issues.

Maybe Algoryx needs to update the OSx and Linux versions of Algodoo someday to fix the direct solver issues.
I guess I'll just use Windows then :|

About the S500, I have a i4 spawn that I can use, maybe I'll finish it instead?
@Pnvv: No thanks, I really want to finish it myself since I already nearly have everything done. Plus I have like next to no inspiration left thanks to the massive spam but it will get released by me, don't worry:tup:
Oh wow, what car is that Faytree?:o
The honda S660,the successor of the Honda Beat.
And thankfully, it's a RWD :)
Last edited at 2015/08/08 10:04:20 by faytree
Wow cool, sounds interesting!:tup:
I'm using an OSX also, and I don't recall getting any direct slovers. \:s