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3cyl Geo Metro Engine w/5 speed

screenshot of the scene

Author: CopenhagenEngineer

Group: Default

Filesize: 73.75 kB

Date added: 2015-07-14

Rating: 5

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Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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So I remade my Inline-3 spawn engine to be more realistic towards the 1987 geo metro 3cyl. It's much more accurate this time around:tup:

Notable changes:
* Lowered weight of engine block, pistons, and flywheels.
* Lowered rev limiter from 80 rad/s to 55 rad/s, to match the Geo's 5500rpm.
* Significantly downgraded the spawn circles, nearly 17x less than before.
* Added a feature to where you need to be at idle rpm in order to accelerate. Lowering the weight made the flywheels spin backwards accelerating at anything less than 12 rad/s.

Obviously the other big change here is the 5-speed transmission I added. I did my best to replicate the realistic weights of the components in the real car, so the engine weighs 45kg and the transmission weighs 18kg.

InsertNameHere helped me last time with testing the specs, and it came out to 590hp:bonk: I can't have a geo metro with more power than a camaro, so that's why I remade it.

If anyone (or you, Insert) can test the specs here I'd be greatly appreciative, I really need to learn how to dyno engines myself:lol:

i - Ignition (toggle)
s - Starter
right - Accelerate
1,2,3,4,5,Q - Gears (Q is neutral) Let off throttle as you shift.
I know it seems weird to not have a clutch. just use neutral to build up rpms, I'll add a functional clutch in the future:lol:

Scene runs at 120 Hz

**Feel free to use in your scenes, but give credit where it's due please:tup:

P.S. Realistic specs for the 1.0L I3 geo is about 50hp and 60ft/lb torque.;)
Last edited at 2015/07/14 20:12:38 by CopenhagenEngineer
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I turned the Lime circles axle to a motor, and have 900 RPM.

The FBI has been alerted. You have 30 seconds to vacate the premises. :lol: