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4Cyl Racing Engine.

screenshot of the scene

Author: InsertNameHere

Group: Default

Filesize: 37.19 kB

Date added: 2015-07-09

Rating: 6.5

Downloads: 861

Views: 249

Comments: 8

Ratings: 4

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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Meh, I got some inspiration back. Took a bit of playing other games and thinking about stuff but, yeah I'm back I guess!:P
Anyways, here is the engine I will be using in a race-car of my own design. The car will be REAL SIZE as well! The engine is also real size to so it can fit the car!:lol:

Up = throttle
S = starter

723 HP at 60 Rad/s 9000Nm of torque

100Hz or this wont work y'all! (Wow 100Hz, that's a first time! :lol)
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Oh, and it has a rev-limiter as well!
Nice one!:tup:

By the way, I was amazed that your engine can reach 739 hp(plus with the high torque it packs)! I was like: click me
Last edited at 2015/07/09 03:24:50 by faytree
Haha thanks!
Yeehaw!!! Glad to see ya back!! I honestly though you'd left forever for a while!

I'll test it in just a minute. And that tach looks like something I would make. It's nice.
By the way, can you make a collide engine tutorial.

It would be nice if you can make a tutorial, because I wanted to make something new. (I'm pretty bad at making spawn and collide engines,to be honest. So that's why I'm seeking for engine tutorials:bonk:)
Last edited at 2015/07/09 03:53:27 by faytree
Oh dude!!! I just tested this, it's AWESOME!! Not 723hp, I can get it to handle 10000 nm at 55 rad/s which gives me 1032hp. And it's only 578kg, which gives a hp-per-kg close to 2:1. better than I could ever do with a collide engine!
@Faytree: Maybe one day, since my pc has such a bad GPU, I can't record anything without major lag!:lol: BUT maybe one day!

@Pnvv: HOLY SH**! I had NO IDEA my engine was that powerfull! :blink: Well, looks like this engine is just way overpowered for a racing 4cylinder!:lol:
Ah fack. My math was off. Your number was right, the max power I got with *correct math* was like 730 - 740hp. Still great though.