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Scripted AKM

screenshot of the scene

Author: ngphil

Group: Default

Filesize: 136.22 kB

Date added: 2015-07-07

Rating: 8.1

Downloads: 6198

Views: 669

Comments: 16

Ratings: 13

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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It's scripted, but functions just as if it were mechanical. This means you operate it as if it were. If you can't do that, you should seriously consider asking for coloring books for Christmas. otherwise, enjoy!

If you're still curious as to how to use this, please, feel free to browse over the instructions I've outlined below. Failure to do so, and then complaining about it not working will forfeit your status as a human.


insert a magazine into the magazine well. It should rock into position. Attempting to insert it like a NATO magazine will cost you your right thumb and ear.

USING THE DRAG TOOL, drag the safety-selector out of position and into the desired firing mode. The middle is automatic, and the very bottom is single-shot. Mixing these up will result in Zoran Nanotovich, my assistant, removing your legs with a spoon. Yes, he shaves with a chainsaw. What do you expect a burly Russian guy to do? Also, if at this point you attempted to pull the bolt carrier group back BEFORE selecting a firing mode, and you smacked the operating handle into the safety like an idiot, Zoran's also going to beat your left arm off with the simple weapon you can't seem to figure out.

Assuming at this point you still have the strength and leverage to do it, go ahead and pull the bolt back ALL THE WAY. Don't half-ass it. If it's too tough for you to do, the Ruger 10/22 is a page back from here. Once you've managed to get this far, and your bolt is pulled until it stops on the back of the receiver, let it drop to battery.

Good job! Now, since you've managed to successfully load the weapon, feel free to pull the trigger at any time. Shoulder it tight, and don't let go. It's going to fight you a bit, but handle the recoil like Nanotovich here. He can dump and entire magazine full auto with one hand and not miss the target. Then again, he eats rusty screwdrivers with milk for breakfast, and eats nails for a snack. The 10/22 is a few clicks away if it's too much for you.

Seriously, you guys rock! I'm sorry I've not been on as much lately. Life has a way of complicating things, but I'm not gone just yet. expect more to come ;D

RELOADABLE UPDATE: I added some code to make the live rounds reloadable. just drag them into the magazines and their value will be added. I also added stripper clips to allow you to reload the mags that way. They are a little sensitive, so don't hurt their feelings. If you do, Zoran will use his sunglasses to remove a finger for every round that drops from the clip. There's ten to a clip, so you do the math.

HEAT UPDATE: Includes heat effects, and the previous update, which I seem to have neglected to ACTUALLY UPLOAD. Sorry about that. Zoran was pissed at me, and I'm typing this all with my left hand because he broke my right with his nose.

Last edited at 2015/07/24 00:34:45 by ngphil
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This is absolutely amazing! I love the action and the skin! A bullet even pops out when I pull the bolt back when theres a bullet in the chamber : D
The best thing ever! Keep up the good work!:D:)
Thanks guys!

Well, it looks like two guys couldn't figure it out, couldn't follow instructions, are mixed up with whether 1 or 10 is the highest rating, or just want to be mean, and rated 1. IF THEY COULD TELL ME WHY THEY RATED "1", I'D APPRECIATE IT. ;D

EDIT: never mind. It seems like some kind of bug occurred or something. I appreciate it, guy! Thanks for the love and support :coolgrin:
Last edited at 2015/07/07 16:11:43 by ngphil
Oh my God, it has realistic size! What happened to you!?
It's not that easy to load (I'd rather have two drag tools) but I guess that's just me and Xray. Awesome job :lol:

But i think, bullets must have tracers.
Unless you'd be firing tracer bullets, why?
WOW! Anaminus said something nice for once!:D About time.
I cant seem to find the stripper clips in the scene. Am I blind?
you click on the stripper clip and clone it. Having so many extra causes lag, so making them as you go was the best option
Lemme rephrase that. Are the stripper clips even in the scene? if so where are they? Live rounds? The magazines provided in this scene have 1 round fixated to the magazine.
oops, no, you're not blind. Fixing the issue: I forgot to add the new scene!:lol:
It's really amazing,It's a masterpiece....
I feel like i' am a Russian recruit and i'm learning how to use an AK xD.
rated 10/10
(the best gun i found here)
I appreciate the comment. As Zoran puts it, The AK is more than amazing: it is second to none. It's likely the only rifle in the world that you can beat your foe to death with, dig his grave with, shove him in with, bury him with, and then proceed to insert a magazine and shoot his buddies with. And with the production cost of more or less 15 USD equivalent, I'd venture to agree. Combat-accuracy, no shortage of ammunition, 7 moving parts, and reliability and rigidity that make it solid enough to use as a sledgehammer and still have the ability to drop 30-caliber wrath on something with afterwards.

Oh, I see you're talking about my particular scene. I'm flattered, thanks!:D
awesome, dude)))
Last edited at 2016/02/23 07:27:11 by Sanya_UA
i need a tutorial tu use the clip:P