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Using Other People's Work

screenshot of the scene

Author: Xray

Group: Default

Filesize: 159.43 kB

Date added: 2015-07-08

Rating: 5

Downloads: 3276

Views: 2012

Comments: 94

Ratings: 1

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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Last edited at 2016/08/19 19:03:42 by Xray
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ok i have been do it before but just now iam delete it
I share their work publicly precisely in order for them to benefit others. If I didn't want it wouldn't publish.

P.S. if my idea is not clear that the fault of the translator.
Those who don't want their work used can write about it in the comments or in the work itself. To warn in advance about their copyright.
I have to say "Credit to all" because if I give credit to one person (or more, but not all), The others will be angry!!!
An admin told me 3 years ago ''The algobox wouldn't thrive as well if people don't use each others scenes'' when i complained about a person using my car.
He did use credits but didn't ask for permission, he also rated 1 with several accounts on another of my scenes because i made his scene get removed.
How do I ask permission?
My scenes are for everyone !!! ;)

Usually when I build some piece of equipment like an engine or something I put "FREE TO USE" in big red letters somewhere in the scene. That lets people know they can use my stuff and I'll be cool with it. I don't usually mind if people use my engine and then don't mention me, but what really pisses me off is when someone uses my stuff and then says they were the one who built it. That's just pure scene theft.
really I will let anyone use parts of my scene if they just give me credit ok
I don't care, they can just give me credit. That's all I need. They don't need my permission!
@ivanivanovicpupcin - That's a good suggestion about people putting in their scene description a warning not to copy and upload their work. The problem currently is there are tens of thousands of scenes already published (uploaded) which do not have said warning. That's why I am trying to educate people now about asking permission. Thanks for your comment!

@Ultragamer564 and CubeBag - I know that you both have an argument going on at this time, but the comments section of MY scene is not the place to continue arguing with each other about it. Therefore, I deleted your comments. Thanks

@Aiden H - Because of the fact that Algobox does not have a Private Message system like the forum does, the only way that users can communicate with each other is through scene comments. So, the way to ask permission is to post your request to use their work in one of their latest scene comments section. Hopefully they will see it and respond to you either in that scene comment or in one of your scene comments section. If you have an account on the Algodoo forum, you can try to contact the person through the PM (Private Message) system.

@MrLucasManSwe - I don't know who told you that, but I do not agree with it. If I have spent many long hours developing a complex scene, I would not want to see someone else upload it and not make any comments that it does not belong to him. People will think that he was the one who spent long hours on it, when it was actually ME! I usually have no problem letting other people use my work as long as they ask and then mention in the scene description that it was my work.

@pnvv - Good points, but I disagree with writing "Free to use" in your scenes for a couple of reasons: 1. Everything about Algodoo and ALgobox are FREE anyways! 2. The statement "Free to use" is ambiguous. A better statement would be something like, "I give you permission to upload my scene material as long as you do not take credit for making it". That may be a little long, but it describes exactly what you expect. Keep in mind that this is all about UPLOADING another person's work. It has nothing to do with USING another person's work on their own computer. Anyone can use any other person's work on their own computer as long as they do not upload it to Algobox without permission.

REMINDER: Please don't bicker with each other about stealing stuff here in the comments of my scene. That's not why I posted this! Thanks...
I allow anyone to use my scenes, credit or not, although i usually take something and make it used for something else, but i give credit
@Animinus - You must have missed my announcement a few weeks ago. We now allow virtually any kind of scene, even simple, stupid ones, and text only scenes, as long as they do not violate the Algodoo Terms of Service (see "Rules" at the top of every Algobox page). In case you did not know this, I am the current Algobox Admin (there are other Admins but I devote more time to watching over the website than the other Admins who mainly deal with the Algodoo forum). Therefore, because I am an Admin, I have to sometimes make announcements for all users to see (like THIS one), and there is no other way to do that on Algobox except by posting a scene. And just because I am allowed to do certain things, doesn't mean that everyone can do the same. But unless things change down the road, there are no restrictions on scene content except as described in the Terms of Service (for example, no profanity, no threatening other users, no giving false information, no selling/buying stuff on Algobox, etc).

@soccerman611 - That's fine, as long as other users don't have a problem with what you are doing. As I said many times before, giving credit to someone is not the same as, and is not a substitute for getting their permission!
Last edited at 2015/07/01 23:25:26 by Xray
@SuperHeroAhmad - How WHAT? Please form a complete sentence so that I understand what you are asking. I'm fairly talented, but I cannot read minds! :lol:
I allow ANYONE to use my scenes, but sometimes i'll ask for credit. And yes, I am saying that they can't claim it their selfs.
I Ask permission always Also to the most important XRAY and Phunuser He gave me the dodge TNKS
what if they are inactive?
@altugdelen2 - If they are inactive, then there is no way that you can contact them. So go ahead and use their work but keep in mind that if they ever come back on Algobox and complain about you using their material, you may have to delete it. In some cases, if you are polite and ask real nicely, then people might be Okay with allowing you to use their scenes.
The only thing that people could take is my marble pack, i don't care if they use it with or without credit.
@alasmyfoe - It makes no sense mentioning that here. It would be much more effective if you make that statement in your scenes!
How do you delete scenes,anyway? (You deleted my scene of Magenta,and I'm sorry for using the bad word!)
You can delete your own scene but you cannot delete anyone else's scene. Only Admins can delete other people's scenes.
Can I give credit?
I cannot read the notice.
I can't found the notice.
I gave credit in my Race The Clock Marble Races and I was planning to upload another one. But now that this scene has popped up, I am worried I can't upload it without it being deleted.
Seems Fair
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