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Handgun - ffw7 (full Descri.)

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Author: phunbox1 (Osbios)

Group: phunbox1

Filesize: 58.33 kB

Date added: 2008-06-26

Rating: 7.8

Downloads: 4770

Views: 6098

Comments: 22

Ratings: 116

Times favored: 1

Made with: Phun


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The ffw7_10_17_3 is a Semi-automatic gun using only "bouncing energie".


Because of the extrem difficult handeling of this kind of energie the gun has only a hear trigger. You can`t span the hammer with the trigger, only release it.
The Hammer gets spanned by the slide moving back respectively by the shell ejection on a shot.

I also abandon a removable magazine for stability and usability.

Still the ffw7 no 100% reliableness and can jam or explode in your hand.

We thank you for choosing the ffw7 from the osbios weapon manufacture.:)
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Snipehill was coming out with some pretty good guns, but this has to be my favorite gun of all time :lol: :D .
Nice gun if i got time i made one like that.:D
Jamming or not. This. Is. Awesome. *In Awe*
Holy yes. Even the jamming is alwsome
easy no-jam fixes:
fixate the circle that holds the spring for the hammer to something that doesnt move, and add a hinge between the circle that the hammer hits when it fires the gun and the slide
also, fixate the bullets little hyper-bouncy circle to the shell casing so that it doesnt pull a hudini on you, then it shouldnt jam
AWESOME!!!!:D could you perhaps release a way smaller version, say, the size of a block from the tower that comes with phun?:)
one of the best guns on funbox. no suprise.:) :D :lol:
how do u download it to phun?:huh:
This must be a chinese gun.:o
Go Osbios! I have your full collection of handguns now.
wow this is the best!
i made a video with some changes and i put it on youtube, youtube name is antimechanism.
ps my last phun movie was times ago
Won't work for me...not enough velocity on the bullet and the firing pin is awry.
john stfu dood this rox, 5/5 and a cookie for you :3
OMG this rulez
Oh wow, very reliable feed system, beautiful all around, best and most use-able gun I've seen.
:D can u make a macine gun like this?
Lol "Osbios" Funny stoof.
hey guys ceck out my gun its called ak-47 and is by dude
hey guys check out my machine gun its called belt fed machine gun and its by dude
it would be better if it didn't jam
first of all your not the son of god second why do you think that this is a Chinese gun ps...osbios great gun best ever 5/5