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This wouldn't be considered recoilless, it's just a really heavy casing absorbing the recoil.
Nicely made guns tho.
I believe the rules say slider values and no loopholing tho?
Edit, did not see this was a second version made for fun. Sorry bout that:P
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Thanks, I'll see if I ever actually finished it, got a few unfinished projects like this:P but I'll do as you said and fix the frequency! Thanks for the feedback!:D
Ah, sorry bout that Nish, did not see, just found the scene and figured I'd give it a try. It's running on 350hz, thought that was the standard but apparently it's not. Got similar comments on my other builds, so somehow my frequency has been altered, either so long ago I no longer remember or I managed to do it somehow.
Thanks for the feedback! ^^
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Yeah, I know how it works, I just didn't remember changing it;)
Thanks, it's probably the one I've spent the most time on in total, tweaking and such mostly.:)
Ah, thank you, I'll change that and upload the new version.
This is a reply to an old comment that has been edited/removed.
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Well, yeah, needs some serious fixing to work properly xD
Not a rear killing, it's in the cartridge, using double propulsion blocks, the one behind being killed once it leaves the casing:)
Yeah, had to increase the projectile speed as well since it's scaled up, resulting in having to increase a bunch of densities and spring powers in the scene to make it work properly:P
I like it. I think it might be a bit slow at roughly 14km/h cruise speed, but it's not a problem on a scene that size.
I like it. It looks a bit simple at first sight, but it works really well. The firing mechanism was a bit slow though, that could probably be improved.
I'm looking forward to seeing it!
Tested it, then tested blowing it up with an AT gun, and I must say it's rather impressive!
If you put a box where the rim is on the casing, alternativele make a box covering the whole casing, you'll get much better collision since boxes collide better than plygons. You can also increase the simulation frequency to prevent the casings from just going through the bolt. You want to use as many boxes and circles and as few polygons as possible in areas where things collide with great force, such as in guns, to prevent parts from simply sliding through each other.

Also, you don't put a dot in front of caliber measurements in mm, since that's to point out a zero in front of it. (0.10mm is very small)
Yes, but I wanted to specify the version, since they were produced in a variety of sizes.
Because then I'd have to work with lower velocities, and I like my velocities. For this one, however, I had simply forgotten to change the frequency to default. I had set it to 350 sometime earlier, and back then it didn't reset for new scenes.
The Ferdinand/Elefant tank destroyers have no return rollers, and it uses three double bogies for suspension.

You can use axles to make suspension by placing two of them close to each other, this will create a bending effect which is great for simulating torsion bar suspension. You can see is on all of my vehicle hulls, as it's by far the easiest type of suspension to make and will never hop out of place if excess force is applied.

Also, it's preferrable to use controls that everyone can use, such as arrow keys, numbers, numpad keys or enter. I, using a swedish keyboard, am unable to elevate the gun since I have no ; key.
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Yes, that is indeed intentional. I find it more comfortable not having to continue pushing the buttons. Edited the scene description to say the buttons toggle movement.

Is this something others find annoying? I do it in most of my scenes because, as I said, I find it more comfortable.
Last edited at 2013/11/09 16:22:33 by NilsMolinder
I found that the gun sometimes doesn't load when firing at high angles (like 80 degrees), the cartridge simply fell back into the magazine. RNG is god. Good luck with the game!
I was lucky on my second try. It works very well most of the time, only had one failure to extract during two simulations. Nice to see long recoil on Algodoo, I've considered doing it but I'm too lazy.

Are you considering redoing it using only recoil force to cycle?
removed black "recoil" box, increased spring power and projectile weight, it works great using only recoil to cycle as well!