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I'm trying to convert it to phun, but it can still take a couple of days:tup:
You have to press [1] to unlock the engien, than press [2] to start the engine.
Now you have to press [3] to move the truck. You can speed it up if you press the up arow to slow down you must press the down arow, to gear up you have to press 1,2,3,4. Sory about my bad english.
Thank you very much.
I've been looking for this script a long time.

Sory about my bad english.:)
It's reale simple you onely have to combine many Circles.
Aweson dud i like it :tup:
It's a realy cool helicopter, Like :tup:
:tup: I think it is one of the best ever.
Waths the problem ???