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It took a lot of work! But the 10/10 would only mean something if you actually rated the scene, thanks.:tup:
Well, like I said in the description, I wanted to begin with a new reputation with a new account, and I edited this scene a lot more too.

Also, whoever gave me a "5"...well...that's just pathetic...<_<
Nice! _o_ It's good to have 2 options on how to shoot the ball. Plus, the red circle helps to compete with others. ;)
Sorry you're not good at the game... And I'm sorry your computer has lagging problems...:tdown: Plus I beat the game in 1 minute...soooo... long drawn out!?!? Try my Full potential softbody 2. There isn't a cooler softbody around! And I speak for many people in this opinion;)
Last edited at 2011/04/16 23:33:38 by Black Dawn
A Pathetic puzzler leaves a low rating with no comment... What does he expect? An easy 4 piece jigsaw puzzle? These are the impatient people that look for things they can solve in a few seconds. There is a reason we call it a puzzle "Mr. Anonymous" who can't leave a helpful comment... psh <_< ...don't be like him. :)
Awwww... You don't know what you're missing dude :cool: sure your controls are correct...because no one has mentioned that issue yet...
The point is to have them the same color!!! To visualize the two mazes individually is the challenge!!!:coolgrin: You gotta move to discover open spaces. But if you changed the color of one, it's fine. One way or the other, you're still solving it.:lol:
And how do I do that?:s
Well the issue is, not everyone wants it to get damaged. But I totally know what you mean, thanks:tup:
Last edited at 2011/04/20 00:10:17 by Black Dawn
Thanks! But I like real ratings!:lol:
Last edited at 2011/04/20 00:12:09 by Black Dawn
Yes... I have. I am Adjudicator 1000, only I wanted to start a new reputation :*)
once again, a loser rates "1" for no apparent reason... People...don't be a loser. And if you want to be a loser, at least leave a comment to label yourself and your "opinion"... it's pathetic really...

This scene is awesome and I play it myself! :lol:
some of the best textured vehicles I've ver seen! :tup:
Check out my scene! I loved this idea and it sparked one within myself. I credited you for giving me the idea and reccommended you in my description! Nice job
It should be shooting. Maybe you're not waiting out the lag. My lag is only about 5 seconds. Swallagoon, the point to get votes is to see (before I waste a bunch of my time) if people like this concept and would like me to exploit it. I'd hate to make a scene no one wants. This scene is "the concept" and If people like "my concept" then I shall make a really good one!!!:lol:
WWWWOOOOWWWWWW! I just fixed it. Please reconsider your rating!! I didn't realize the gun didn't shoot. I thought it was loaded n everything. Whoops! please forgive me.:tup:
Well I haven't been able to figure a way around that. In my description I said to restart simulation after every kill... I have yet to find a solution but I'm workin on a new one... AND IT'S GONNA BE AMAZING!!! :lol:
... you have a helicopter liscense...? It's very touchy, I know. But after practicing for a while, you can master it fine. If you can't just adjust the weight (circle) at the tail...:tup:
...It's my first. I plan to improve for the second :*) . And the last time I checked, the guns don't fire backwards...
thanks man!:y
I know! It's a strange phenomenon that the sun seems to turn as the heli does, haha!:lol: But really, unless you can figure out a way, I didn't care at the time. Maybe for the next ufo vs heli mission... If it fires backwards, it's a glitch. but for some reason, mine works fine. Again, I'll fix that for version 2:tup:
Dude Thanks!!! :tup:
You bet! If I get enough good ratings all be making complete sniper missions!
I wish it worked with algodoo...:( But from the sounds and looks of it, it seems pretty cool:)
must be... thanks for clearing that up :rolleyes:
oh yes! sorry. I meant phun... It's just dissapointing to download something and find out it doesn't work. But its nothing you can do about... whatever. It looks cool...
Cool, but the backround is a little distracting. Try using no clouds, and colors that would not blend with your set up as much :tup:
Cool idea. Just add some suspension and/or put a batman in there! :tup:
Awesome, I know! :tup: