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Well, thanx for advice:)
I'll try to make it better.
But i have 5.25
Cuz you need to be gentle with mgazines. After few tries You can actually change them pretty fast without breaking them.
I dont like guns with "press the button to shoot". I like mechanic triggers -
"Pull to shoot".
Why you think its so bad? Give examples.
Oh, i found my gun here.
You should give a credit to the owners of those weapons. I wonder how many of those are made by you?
Ja zrobiłem to działo. Fajnie że ktoś się nim zainteresował:)
Can You do a list of improvements for me? (between my design, and your v3 version)
toughdog6789 and i got advice for you:
Look for the date of uplad.
This is MY cannon, and Deathlyhollow is the one who stole it. SO make sure too always know when and by who things are uploaded.
Bullets are from
And i do not take credit for them!
It has two locking positions just for safety. Sometimes recoil of the bullet is too low, thats why there is closer position added.
henrique1117 Bullpup is a weapon system, that places bolt, magazine housing, etc. in the buttstock, behind the trigger group.
If you want example of sniper rifle in bullpup system:
0/10. Copy & paste isn't worth any better rate. Try to make something by yourself. This is one of most annoying type of stealing. When someone steals designs, ruins them, and then expecting good rates.
Looks more like H&K 416
M16a1 has non replaceable carrying handle, and triangular front grip without picatinny / ris mount rails.
Sorry, my english isn't perfect.
Anyway, mag drops when its not pulled deep enough. You have to move it up few times untill it will be locked up mag housing.
And i don't really like keyboard controlled weapons.
I speak Polish.
But don't worry, I don't have any problems with understanding.
I have more problems with writing correctly, but I'm learning pretty fast.
Because you can't shoot without the barrel!
You have to put the barrel in first.
BB Shart;)
Całkiem fajny. Lubię kiedy ktoś zamiast poprostu ściągać tekstury z neta robi wszystko od podstaw.
Byłem, zarejestrowałem się, i poprzerzucałem swoje prace do polskiego phunboxa. Chyba zresztą nie trudno się domyślić.
My Winchester still works like piece of crap.:P
It needs new firing mechanism, so it wont be finished fast.
That's why you should read the instruction. Especially the "IMPORTANT" part:P
Bolt - that bright grey part
It has to be in the rearmost ( left ) position, so you can put the magazine in.
I know. But it jamms a lot with 5 round clips, so makeing 8 round ones would only make it worse. And it ejects clip down, cuz Im too lazy to make clip ejecting mechanism.:D
Wait, what? Hard to reload? Since when? Did you read the instruction?
Bolt has to be open, and mag has to be empty. Then you only need to slide shells under the barrel. There's nothing hard about it!
If I can load it, it means its possible.
Thank you :)
Revolver in 2d program?
Jak będę miał więcej wolnego czasu, czyli prawdopodobnie w następnym miesiącu.
No, I just didn't like how it looked without a sliding part.
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