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okay, first of all pplz, thats not a tank.. it is called a BV = Beltevogn, or BW= BeltWagon, i used to drive those when i was in the army, so now you know that, and no, we dont need any battleships, we got our king to fly and protect us:yum:

PS; and yes, they do float, and i bet 95 % of you dont know WHY they have a second wagon:)
Last edited at 2010/08/05 13:13:59 by Nrk98

Was wondering if you could make a second arm between the bottom arm and the upper arm, to extend the grab length of the crane:) 10\10 rating from me .

awesome work dude !:)
Nope, to be honest, im not familiar with scripting with phun yet. Im gonna learn it, but when that time comes.

- Nrk98
Its a reason why this is the last Scene in the whole rating system of Algodoo !

btw :tdown:
Im acctually hoping that sheepborg would help me out here, since ive heard alot about him, and hes.. well, really really good ! :)
cmon dont banhammer this guy.. best space scene ive tryed yet !
Yeah.. i wish he could help me with the crane extension.. would be nice, but ofc its hes desition.

Yeah, i agree with Rhett97.. Guy posting one scene and says plz sub..
Delete ur config file in ohun or algodoo.. it worked for me:)
Yeah ok, i see wat you have done, but my problem, not that i havent thought about it, my trucks too small for gears :\ Ill try to do wat you are doing.

Thanks alot

- Nrk98
Ok, i managed to get gears on my truck, and it works beoutifully:)

Thank you Davizex321:)
Last edited at 2011/04/10 18:41:04 by Nrk98
Thanks man, your way worked:)
Omfg that was amazingly entertaining:P i was blown away..

You sir, are a genious !

- Nrk98
well, i think the controls are close and well to remember.. Thanks, this is my first truck im publishing on Algodoo.. my first sucsessful creation:)
would you please enlighten me of wat the point of this is ?
Its well made, but still short.

Make the car drivable + track ??:)
Awesome, since i only have Phun 5.28, this inspires me to actually buy algodoo:P
good good..
Indeed a challenging task, but i made it.. man, i had to put my mouse on 400 DPI for the last job there..

Just amazing, 10\10 !:tup:
I used the HK 416 when i was in the army, and as any other H&K weaponry, you dont load the gun by a handle ontop of the barrel like a MP5(:huh: ), its under the rear ironsights. Anywho, the texture was kinda bad too. :s
i need an i7 core to run this scene:P no use with a dual core 64 AMD:P
this was actually pretty good..
Lucas, why do you spit out a bunch of cars with the same suspension and same scene, with just a different carass ?

kinda pointless.. and shitty.
Im kinda afraid now of overclocking the pCPU:P but overall food scene:)
Seems like you only update the chassis.. the physics and suspension is still the same.. sooo, i dont know where you are going here.. try updating your nodes to make better crash physics..
Last edited at 2012/05/02 14:43:32 by Nrk98
hmm, one of the better trucks that ive seen yet.. not bad, not bad.
i gave it a 2\10, because it explodes at startup, and the 2 is for nicely looking truck.
Its been known to happen when you over-strain the wire:)
hmm.. im having trouble.. ejecting..
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