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Thanks a bunch, ill try to make a better version thats faster and better looking. any ideas on how to prevent leaks?
yeah, it was a quick project. ill try to add some suspension and a couple obstacles to a newer version.
Thank you! It's about 90% successful
The gold bucket cant even be picked up, the clear piece and the handle are set to collision group A, so nothing can close around the handle. Can u fix it?
love it. ive tried so many times to make a working machine gun, but i could never get it right. mine always jam, or esplode. good job!:)
i like it, nice frame.:tup:
i pretty much fixed it, check it out in my uploads, see if its what you had in mind
awesome, i made a long range gun, then i saw this and just about pooped myself
you need to make a limitation on the shocks so that the front wheel cant pop off, but otherwise good job, looks nice.
pretty cool
didn't work for me, maybe because i only have the free edition of phun
pretty awesome!
dude, you just totally 1-upped kazan, pretty sweet guitar.
crazy awesome! took me 211.28 to finish
i recommend you set the density of the four wheels higher, to act as a flywheel. it helps the engine to not stop after running for awhile. you should also set the spawned circles to have a larger radius, and make the killer bar lower, but pretty neat, 7/10:)
And also lower the spark plugs a bit, and raise the densities of the crank rods and pistons
the speed of the motor should be set at like 50, not 600, but pretty nifty anyways. looks really cool, 8/10
pretty cool
this looks an aaaawfully lot like MY upload... NOT cool to steal peoples scenes
really cool
well i used 2 hit and miss engines, which require a little scripting. Im sure you could find instructions for one online. then for the steering i used this weird thiingy that i saw other people use. it uses a polygon, and two motors. one blue rectangle steers, and the other one compensates for the offset of the engines:*)
yeah, i never feel like doing alot at a time. im pretty lazy.
I mean a covering ontop that doesnt collide with anything, and enhances the appearance of the scene, like i could make it look 3D, or just add detailing
Heres jagmcools first scene. He didn't tell me exactly what to do to it, but i did a little touching up.
jagmancool's 2nd scene. [scene]49880[/scene]
Thats pretty awesome!
Idk if it was stolen or not, but i think its cool.
Cool, i love how it looks. Good mechanics, kinda like my repeating cannon, except urs looks cooler:tup: Btw, do u think u cud check out my repeating cannon? I posted it, and never got comments... idk if its good or not, i spent forever on it and got no feedback
Didnt work... idk whats wrong, it moves, but doesnt go up, down, in, or out. can u fix it? it looks like a cool project
oh, i just have phun. ill rate it 10 4 ur troubles:)
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