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Wow I love it!:love: Although I don't like how the bullet moves so fast it doesnt hit anything. Anyways, it's pretty accurate, good looking, and can definitely pack a punch. 10/10 :tup:
Love it!
CAn you please explain how to reload?
:tup: I like it!
Wow epic!:tup: :tup: :tup:
:bonk: I like it:) Pretty complicated and jams from time to time. 9/10
Where the hell is the trigger?? :grr:
Hail to the king baby!_o_
Woah I don't know what I was high on when I posted that.. :huh:
:coolgrin: Awesome!
:blink: What the hell is this??
stupid russians!
it's very laggy for me:( 10/10 though :tup:
:coolgrin: AWESOME
How do you make it shoot? :s
aweeeeeeeeeesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hail to the king!! _o_ _o_ _o_ PLEASE MAKE MORE!!:D
10/10!:P Also can you tell me how to spawn breakable hinges?
he bleeds too much:| And he also wont stop bleeding when I hit him :huh: anyways 10/10
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Last edited at 2010/10/05 23:07:20 by DC-Roussey
Is it just me or do the bullets bounce right off the tower you shoot at?? Well anyways, it looks just like a pistol, and I swore the 4 bullets were 2. Anyways, it's great, but needs a bit more improvision.
is this compatible with emos?
awesome! 10/10 i dont know who the faggot was who rated 5:|
yay! 10/10
OH NO RUSSIANS ARE TAKING OVER THE COMPUTERS!! Seriously if you play COD4 on the PC they're all Russians..
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