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sorry but it doesn't good, because if you remove the ,,KERS'' system, and the black box it goes up 42 m
Very good, and it can easily stop at 2000rpm
WTF,! This is F***IN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
It can stop a wheel what is rotating with +60 million......YES 60 000 00 RPM
Great!! This is rules
and this mean good?:D
hi i did it for you, i hope you like it

and ,,f'' for front, ,,b'' for back wheel--toggle
Last edited at 2010/06/22 20:19:42 by Flam333
thank you:D
Hi, csak nem magyar gyártmány?:D
we need to make a 4x4 or just put a chassis on it, what is in the scene???
i still cant understand:P

we need to use your car or make a totally new?
without suspension?? oh dear:D
thank you:D
maybe i will make it better if i have time
here is my second rpm meter
you can set what wheels to spin

ps: works in algodoo too:D
forgot to credit to Roman... for this 0/10:tdown:
Nice, but 68 km/h is not = with 68 meter/s....:D
68meter/s is = with 244800 km/h its not so realistic...:D
It isnt a V2 ,but good
isn't automatic and gears have the same power... -,-'':tdown:
GREAT !!!!!:tup:

10 / 10 ,please continue :)
Yes, i have too, that 43cake had ,in 1.7.1
i palyed and after 4000 points it started to change the square place every seconds ,then when i could catch it algodoo died
I give you a 9/10:)
45 Rad/s = 2700 Rpm...:D
Nice, but if you make the simulation speed to 0.1
you can see , when the ,,legs'' close fullly the circle almost stops, if you can repair that, it would be gr , i give you 8/10
Now its a lot better, its more stable/and runs more smoother.
It also looks like a 2 cilinder engine now:D
I give you 10/10, i liked it.:tup: