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i think this is the best scene ever its so amazing wow good work\
THAT WAS AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME BEST HALO LEVEL EVER you should do more levels cause that was mad and if you like halo you should check my stuff out i made the inamber clad and pilliar of autnm and two phantoms tons of remakes of other stuff to your mad:tup:
i like it but it could be improved like 1 of the main things are the ''air'' it shold be invisible and yea make it deflateable ive updated it myself i made an up styled version i have a house conected to it it is sligghtly controllable via arrow keys try it ill upload it and give you c redit for the idea keep up the good work:coolgrin:
not sure how to change balloon size if aroows did not steer highlight top half and geometry controler arrows and select highest just my little upgrade glad you liked it :)
yes yes it does i dont know how to make spawners
incredibal im impressed remember when i made your older version into an up styled one thats basicly what i do i take peoples designes make them better (if i do say so my self) then post them and see what people think this balloon is awesome great update on your awesome baloon ps i hate balloons the colurful ones when they pop i get scared lol keep up the good work
:) :tup: _o_ :coolgrin:
Last edited at 2010/07/17 07:16:45 by avataralex
this scene reminds me of halo 3's last level.
i recommend listening to warthog run on youtube

great scene dezzeron :tup: