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Those are cool. Tested third one, looks like it can move quite long gear transmissions.
You forgot water
speak English, please.
have you tried to break the box with a knife?
OMG this is amazing.
I've set colors of the scene to black and white and hid the hinges and it became even more fascinating.
well it's weird but funny. Can you make it into a horse, maybe?:)
I liked the design very much
too bad it's too short
Kilinich, there's a whole lot of such games already:)
Guess you can you that dummy in my "throwing weapons simulation" scene as a target:lol:
This is pretty impressive. Is it based on Theo Jansen's walker?
Really awesome!
Wow, this car is a compass also? It kind of tends to turn north.
it's neat, but it really would be better as a part of a bike or a truck or something.
Nice one
Looks nice, i can't get past the first block, though, guess that's cause i'm lacking some blob-control skills.
Cool, it's like centipede on steroids.
I've figured that part out after a few hours of hard thinking, but i can't get on those circles!
I had troubles when rescaling spring-based suspension and thought of this.
Nah, it's just me sucking in physics. I got past the third circle and fell down. This game's harder than other blobgames i've played.
Hmm, so those circles with + and - attraction kind of neutralize each other when moved close to each other?
Nice one!
Maybe i just have troubles controlling him, cause he falls often:lol:
Thanks! I should think of making a complete course soon.
Last edited at 2009/04/29 21:15:15 by Mr_Clueless
:P !
it's like the beginning of Phun:)
nice one.
Rotating camera's quite annoying, though.
Stan, there are no actual springs and i don't want to use them, but maybe i'll figure out how to make Cyclops more "jumpable".
I'm making a big course, maybe with zombies and robot ninjas:P If you have an idea or maybe some phunlets like ramps, etc, i can use them in this course.
I've got 800 points in one shot!
Arrow's still not very stable.
I wonder if some kind of barrel will help%)
This is absolutely awesome!

Hmm.. I wonder if it's possible to make Babbidge's machine in Phun.
I just cant comprehend making a 3d scene in 2d sandbox.
Pure coolness.
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