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Nice job, the linkage works smooth. I remember seeing this on my ol Buick.
This is awsome. I got it to fly on my second attempt. Very realistic. I like the scenery and the fact that instructions are included in the scene.:tup:
Very enjoyable from a artistic and mechanical standpoint.
Very nice. I used your spedometer for my cruise control scene. I gave you credit. Hope you don't mind.:unsure:
Very nice. If you put a tracer on the tennis ball, then you can watch it from far away.:tup:
Probably for the same reason your Harley is 5 meters long. For accurate speed, set = 4.4704 and = 62.586.
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Nice. If you tell us how you did it, thenwe can use the concept in our scenes.:tup:
Good job. Nice course. Works well.
Very cool.:coolgrin: Works well. I'm surprised there aren't more hits or comments.
Good Job. I'm the first to comment on this terrific scene. Yeehaa.
Last edited at 2010/04/13 00:07:37 by s_noonan
Good, but where's the instructions. I know most people would know to check the hinge, but instructions would be nice. By the way, I used this in a unpublished scene to stabilize a digital readout and it worked out well, eliminating the need for a low pass filter which I had already coded.
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How does it work? OK, I found out by looking at the code. Users can find out by looking at the Paracute Tutorial Scene at
Last edited at 2010/04/14 01:13:25 by s_noonan
Both guys are probably just making a slight variation of poprocks4 parachute.
Excellent. Looks great and works flawlessly.:tup:
If it is a lifting jack, then why does it only move sideways?:s If I rotate it 90 degrees, then it doesn't stand up. Please explain how this is supposed to work or how it is to be used.
Nice, except rear hydraulic cylinder breaks on startup. Also, signs and instructions fall on it, but this may be intentional.
Worked fine for me many times. 9/10 for creativity.
The rotary vane hangs up on the wheel on the right for me and the engine is stalled. If I remove the wheel, then it works OK. I'm using Algodoo 1.7.1.
Works for me with Algodoo v1.7.1. Great craftmanship. 8/10. Needs spark plug and timing adjustment.
Last edited at 2010/04/28 00:23:41 by s_noonan
Nicely done. Works well in Algodoo v1.7.1. Probably doesn't work in demo because it uses lasers.
Works good.
Doesn't work in Agodoo v1.7.1 either. Let us know when you fix it.
Nice looking sea turtle, but the movement is all screwed up. Maybe you or somebody else can get it to swim realistically. For a nice Ocean Simulation (that only works in Phun) see:
Last edited at 2010/04/28 00:05:22 by s_noonan
Works well in Algodoo. Nice arch and explosion.
Looks and works good except for running. Maybe if you slow down the running, it will work better.
The circles on each end have a large airFrictionMult in the script menu. There is an invisible box attached to the bottom of the oval. When the oval is tilted, the center of gravity shifts toward the higher circle and crates a larger downward force on that circle which stabilizes the oval. The function of all the stuff in the center is for indicating alignment only. As far as I can tell, there is no such thing as a Hyroscope, and this thing is not a gyroscope. I like it anyway.:tup:
Last edited at 2010/05/02 16:11:51 by s_noonan
Interesting effect with simple construction. Very good.:tup: :tup:
I used your flame in one of my scenes and gave you credit. I checked out your scene when it first came out, liked it, and rated it 8.:tup: :tup:
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