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Hmmm... interesting :huh:
nice :tup:
was that the new super toilet that can flush almohst everething?!:o
please comment !:tup:
realy weird!!:bonk:
please comment!!:tup:
ummmm...please comment:rolleyes:
Strange no comments ...:s
i know , it's not the best :D . but it's my first :angel:
hmmm.. why does nobody comment me ??:huh:
i tried this car ,and it was apsolutely awesome !!:tup: great job:cool:
ps my bad english:rolleyes:
please comment!!:tup:
i got this, but it isn't that good as i thought.:| i din't say that this is just a piece of junk,but you should make something that says what to push cuz i had to find out how to make it move.:/ and somehow one of the balls get stuck in there and starts to just go around and around. but still great jom man and it looks realy enteresting.:tup:
P.S. srry for my bad english.:rolleyes:
and this is your first?!?!?!:blink: oh my gosh it's just awesome!!:tup: :tup: 5/5
nice job ,but you should make it to do something cuz all you do is to insert a key.
but still nice job:tup: and you can make it better:cool: i know :)
nice thing :tup: :tup: :tup: and warning it can make you"crazeee":bonk:
ah no comments<_<
please comment_o_
arrow keys to move :cool: and please comment.:tup:
please comment _o_ _o_
how the hell did you made the orange thing to folow the mouse ????:huh:
sory i just thought i can make one too.:blush:
WHAT IS THAT ?! WHAT THE FUK IS THAT ?! oh yeah it's a mustang ...
awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! youre the maister of phun!!!!!phun god XD _o_ _o_ _o_
you forgot the star .....:D but still awesome tank:tup: :tup: :tup:
srry i made a mistake...<_<
please comment:tup: :tup:
thanks for commenting!!:lol: :lol:
i will try to make a G-wiz:yum:
i am making one too but it will work only with money:angel: :lol:
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