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Wow, nice! I like how bullets destroy blimp.
Front of the terrain should be front, grey part is front of it.
Still great scene!
Hmm, it really looks bad. You should add some carriages and other nice things to it.
It is good, but you should work on some details. Also it starts falling on its own, make part that holds it in air heavier.
You should make us able to drive to the center!
Objects do fly away from it... Maybe you should change it's collisiong so it can run on A but it doesn't affect on it.
Pretty nice.
It's boring, too many blocks! You should make few indestructable blocks and some enemies that just drive around and destroy the car (or whatever) so it would be great challange.
Track should be longer.
About mushroom-idea...
Can't you just add spring that is on mushroom, when you hit block some hinges break and mushroom pops out.
Poor ragdoll... :(
Well it WAS air friction motor. When you add it into something and drag it sideways, it stabilizes it. It's not sideways when you start scene, so you need to drag it yourself.
It sure is great, but you should make something that it destroys. Another thing is it's weakness. You can't put it into a plane or something becouse it blows up so easily, try to fix that.
You really should improve this! Try to make those figthers look better and be more breakable. You should improve their weapons, too. Try to add some kinda shield and more affects on swords (pens are great option becouse it makes them look that they swing fast).
Yeah, it's always fun.:)
I just wanted to test is it still there, and it was.
Cool! Only thing I don't like is colour of explosion. It looks more like firework.
It jammed when I tried to use it on my ragdoll that contains liguid. After that it flipped.
It's still pretty nice, but we want to control it!
It should have some planets, moons and shooting stars.
Really funny. You should upgrade car, make it breakable.
Try to make it faster, course is too short.
Suspencion system breaks easily at the place where you have to break pink bar. Still funny.
How we're supposed to defeat this puzzle? It should have picture to make it possible.
Nice but pleace remove your "raunit", it makes you aircraft shake too much. It's easier to fly without.
Well you can make them "no selfcollision"
Your orange soda contained poison, it killed my ragdoll. :mad:
Did you make those legs? I think I've seen then before.
Rhf323, I did use spawners. If you want know more, read forums. There is "scripting" section.

And Dezzerron, catapult is just something that I did quickly to make this less boring. Tap gently shooting button and it will not rip.
lustitaj, just check from forums scripting section.
This looks much better than your buggy, but buggy hill climp was harder, becouse buggy did break more easily. Try to make the track longer, it would be much better.
Kilinich, left is right becouse left key actives left engine. Main engine is for floating, not going up. Main engine is main becouse it should be on always. Up engine is poferful becouse it's for going up, and blue balls are "gas" (lighter than air) so if you spawn them they fill the balloon so it works like hot-air balloon.
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