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its laggs like crap i cant do anything
fuck you:grr: :grr: :devil: :tdown: :mad:
can i make my own version=? and reply to your?
love ya:love:
really good:lol: :) :D
Last edited at 2010/07/19 21:19:07 by borrarensson
reaallyyyyyyyyyyyy GOOOD! 1000/10
really strong:tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :) :lol: :cool: :coolgrin:
english:VIS's wings and VaD hirohiro's S-VaD
The standard will be easy to use, so most
Borrowed Landscape Panjan the people.

Equipped with a total output horizon, the performance of the wing
Gave a.

Method of operation
Q Gun
Arrow keys on the nose
Under the nose down arrow keys
X Tires Brakes
S brakes
F Landing Gear
A raise output
Lower output Z
1 - 4 bomb
didnt make it in the newest algodoo
i roll started it:)
hehe wŚlking? where are you from:)
fick 3600rpm:)
Make sure the frequenzy script changer works
awesome 10/10
9/10 awesome,
but the ball slows down after a while
but i started at 35 fps
os:windows 7 ultimate 64bit
cpu:amd phenom x4 @3.7ghz
ram:8gb 1600mhz
Bitches please 33468%
amd phenom II black edition
158 / 60 = 2.6333333
one min is not 100 secs
Can you please do an dodge ram 2500 or 3500?:)
Awesome very nice mechanism 10/10
yeey thx:D
after 10 seconds it fucks up
Awesome very realistic impact 9.5/10
dat shit has 520 hp
Rpm(rad/s x10)*Nm it takes to stop it/2525
Skrillex=:tdown: for me
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