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scored 10676:D
nice game, but you could try to make the chopper tilt abit when you go up and down.
thank you jatki:)
i made it with algodoo... idk if it works in phun:s
i tested it and it works 100% in both versions...
this is wierd...:bonk:
it cant fly?
ehm, den va ikke VELDI realistisk, men den skøyt ok.. prøv å få kuln i collision menu a:D d gjør alt en del lettere...
åsså kan kuln være tøngre førdi dem skytes ut så fette fort at tingan kuln treff ikke rekk å reagere... men den skøyt bra å klikka ikk så ofte så 7/10
hehe, i know about killnich's but im human lol :D
and thx ^^
sweet! _o_
and, did you come up with the script ?
lol, its really cool with all those polygons and stuff
but! its slow and the suspension is kinda....bad...
but the details are sick :D
you should try to make collision engines ensitead, they are much more powerful and doesnt mess up :)
u can check my profile for some examples :tup:
you always seem to have a point ra2lover...
this does not save energy! this just makes it roll shorter...
its suppose to save up energy, stop, then drive further with the stored energy... gaad
i tried that first, but the engines didn't give enough lift, so i added more of them.
and theire rpm limit is about 400 rpm, wich is how fast they are going in the scene.
but im already working on a new one, im planning to have forward thrusters too:D
and one question... what's the best kind of wngines gives the best lift and speed ?'
weight or airfriction?
you have to use algodoo :bonk:
there are no spring engines in this scene! u r 100% gay : )
hehe :D thx : )
awsome walking mech! love how it walks without a stabiliser! : D
try to add something to keep it from fslling maby : )
O_O it is : )
this sucks! dude! it doesnt even have any kind of stabilisers! its just fake ! omg..:grr:
you need sum of these (((( and ))))) and [[[[ and ]]]] ...
let me see you make a better one bennemans!
jeez, i like the spring! this is kinda how the phun springs should be...:D 9/10
looks cool, but why is the car angled?? you don't drive at 325 km/h sideways ...
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i was JUST about to upload mine XD
your's is better though!:D 10/10
i really see this type of engine elvolving:P
w6w, 14st s*ent 2/ 05n4tes restart5ng 0y c60*4ter beca4se 5 d5dnt th5n2 0y n40 *ad 6r n40bers were w6r25ng ! hahaha DDD
... num lock is still on ...
: wow, i just spent 20 minutes restarting my computer because i thought it was broken:P
runs on milk ^^
i dont know .. it just happened to be there:P
i could move it back ... 2 sec...
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