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Muahaha, I'm the first person to comment, and it feels good XD.
Oh yeah, sorry, but I accidentally set the ground as
I would also rate this as a pretty bad scene. It's not fast. It hardly moves at all.
You'd probably be better off with a simple hinge motor car.
How about you comment on the missile launcher, not what I said about your scene.
I thought that it did wheelies too much. Whenever I use it, it flips over.
I'm sorry to say that I dropped a big block on this shield, and it got broken right away.
It wasn't that huge, maybe 2x taller than the shield is long. And I dropped it from about 100 meters up. Although...I wasn't really paying attention to how high it was.
Thanks allot.:lol:
Hey, whoever it was that rated it down, why didn't you tell me why you rated it down?
Yeah, sorry about that. I'll change that right away.:|
Last edited at 2010/01/22 18:15:35 by FruitMonger
That's a pretty nice crane ya got there.
Looks very complicated, and very good!_o_
Is there any way that you could edit it so that it works without a laser? I'd like to download it and try it out...but I don't have Algodoo.:(
Thanks allot :lol: . And I think I will try your atv.
Maybe Matt just isn't a Phun addict and he doesn't know tons about phun crap<_< .
From looking at it, the energy doesn't look free...:(
Thank you for the comment (And rating?). Do you think the pins are too unstable? Sometimes the black pin shoots the blue pin out of the way.:unsure:
Last edited at 2010/03/21 22:54:54 by FruitMonger
I tried that before, but it stopped real hard, then started, then stopped real hard...So I just put it on 50 or something like that. <_<
Last edited at 2010/03/23 15:48:04 by FruitMonger
Yeah, but if they were any faster my gun'd break<_< . I'll have to fix that.
Thanks for telling me about that (Forgot about how slow the bullets were).
Is this just a spring damping bomb, where the damping is just obscenely high?<_<
Last edited at 2010/03/25 14:49:47 by FruitMonger
Does this gun work in Phun? ('Cept for the laser, 'corse.)
Last edited at 2010/03/25 21:20:27 by FruitMonger
If you want to delete a scene, just edit it so that it's a blank slate, then make the name something random like vb2348. :lol:
It lagged so much that I couldn't even try it out.
Might want to try to fix that somehow.
Maybe I would have if you hadn't insulted me :huh: , but now I think I'll just ignore that scene alltogether, whatever it may be.
Last edited at 2010/04/25 00:26:43 by FruitMonger
Okay, well maybe you shouldn't call people bad names if you don't mean it. OR, if you do do that, you should make sure they know you're joking :tdown: .
I guess I'll try that toyobota thing, but I'm more interested in walking machines than rolling machines.
Ha ha! In all of the scenes ever? Well, I'm glad you liked it:lol: .
Does it? I just took it from a cartoon. So...don't get mad at me or report me or anything, cause I made it myself :lol: .
Thanks for the compliments, but what do you mean 'more of a vehicle'? It can be a vehicle and a walker, can't it?
Yeah, kinda does look like wheels, but if you get rid of all but four legs, you'll see that it walks.
Yeah, it's not quite "free", but it doesn't use any motors, and that's the point. Thanks for the compliment.:)
That pipe that's going through the engine has two balls in it, and they collide with all of the balls that are on the engine. Now those balls in the pipe, they have scripts that make the engine balls heavier and lighter. When they're up high, and they get heavy, they want to spin the engine. Get it? If you look at it for a while you'd probably figure out how it works.
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