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You madlad, this actually works in some computers, well done.
Is he going to come back?... its been a year..
You'll have to make your own track, you can use this for your own but you'll need permission to me or the guy who made the original pickup model :3
And i forgot the original name of the guy who made the original pickup model too
and i forgot to give permission
oh and dont mind the speed by the way, you'll need to remove some stuff
Nice job man, Nice job!
This actually looks Entertaining To be honest
Looks Cool!
No textures?
Nice Description but the Tic Tac Stuff tho-
How do you shoot-
10 outta 10 bro, 10 outta 10.
ya missed ThingExtreme and Matto
You are litterally the new lucas
This is copied
Alright i was wrong
Ah yes, the "Mutent georg"
Thats kinda awesome, 10 outta 10
as this explosive august was worse, you made it more worser by giving 2020 this idea, great job!
I b r o k e t h r o u g h t h e s p e e d o f l i g h t
Hey, Can i use that for something?
Yo, stop stealing and reuploading man.
o h n o i m i n l u z o n