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Great disk reader! (How did you make the touch buttons?)
Velmi dobře!
Hmm I just posted mine! V 11.0 best one yet! Except maybe some of yours.
Rebooting lag is being fixed hopefully. The lag on reboot is caused by a ram reset. Has to clear all 128 sectors of ram.
Havent thought of that. Not sure if it ill work with the way its setup. Ill give it a try. Thanks!
Uploaded mine as a response. Now ADD IT! It has extra software to support extra pages.
Is it my pc or is my cpu causing alot of lag? It uses very few lasers for cpu functions.
It does use kutis's network but my cpu and ANET adapter
There are many mor optimizations that can be performed on this. :)
Boots now. Sorry, Changed Floppy/ROM system and didnt update Boot ROM Software.
LOL everyones correcting kutis's grammer and spelling. Nice job!
Nobody uses my CPUs.:(:(:(
Phun doesnt use lasers..... This does.....
Why would you think this was fake?! Its simple MATH! All it does is calculate distance between two points!
@santtu I didnt even know you made one. But the numbers going crazy is algodoos subtraction.:s Try 1.0735048-1.0735043 in console. Comes out 4.something instead of 0.000003
That makes an EXCELLENT mechanical timer.:D
Simply adjust the bounce distance to change timing.:D
_o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_
o.O Didnt even know i uploaded..... (Stupid share button...)
You yourself have already released kOS4.
kOS4 was released already... BY YOU!