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Does it explode when I trigger anything? (serious question) Or is it just the most beautiful Phun Scene I've ever Seen?! :*)
That is so simple, and that's what makes this one the most awesome!:D
8/10! :tup:
What?! The moon flew towards earth, all of a sudden exploded, and then a stupid piece of moon cracked the earth! :'(
And I was hoping for a happy end!:P
Uhm, yeah, cool idea! With the laser digestion and stuff. But for some reasons your food-cutting lasers are tending to cut the entire body sometimes.. :| 6/108|
Pretty cool! How does it work? 7/10! :*)
That geneva wheel mechanism was completely my idea. Well, I was apparently not the first one, but in this case it was my idea of using a geneva wheel in this way. :*)
I was checking some of the default scenes, with this geneva wheel lesson. I developed an timer, or stopwatch or whatever, and out of this stopwatch I created this clock 'hour/minute/second'-mechanism. :lol:
I really had no idea you used this principle as well.:) I'm sorry...

And thanks for the tip about the smaller gears, but it makes the calculations much more difficult!:| But I'll give it a try!:D
Look at teddy taking those G-Forces!:D Awesome! :coolgrin: I love those basic, easy concept, non-scripted scenes!
Is it me, or is it when I close the door, the entire mechanism will Pop out of the door? :*) But I love the opening! 9/10!
I don't get it... :bonk:
This is awesome! It looks really cool! Surprisingly cool! :lol:
But I think 30 seconds is a bit too long, 15 would be just fine.. :cool:
Thanks! 10/10:tup:
I found a solution: you should change the oncollide script in the 4th square in the "twisting block hitting script circle thing" to: "(e)=>{ = 1}" instead of "(e)=>{ =4.2}".
I think 4.2 is too much power, so the thing pops out. :tup:
I hope this helped! :*)
i'll give you a full 10/10, because of a really awesome design!:coolgrin: