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ood squad you make the wepon by making the wepon then selecting the parts in the wepon click with both fingers and go to geometry actions press glue together thats how you make the wepons
odd squad go to my game and i replyed to your comment
hey Xray, i know i made no sense, and im here to clarify what i said.
step one: size your marble to the size of that marble in the corner.
step 2: put it into the gears and it will land in the bucket.
step 3:make sure the marbles upright.
step 4:pause the scene and move the basket
step 5: put the marble on the neck
step 6: axle the marble at the point where the head and the marble touch
step7: unfixate the body and then learn how to ragdoll things
(the reason i didnt ragdoll it already is because i was too lazy:) )
and a reason i made no sense is because i was half asleep.
but that wasnt a excuse
this is my ragdoll. i did not give you permission.