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i like this cutter , it also inspired me to make a laser turret , well 3 versions actually , though the last version is not uploaded yet :P
looks good and a next level would be nice ,make it longer though :P
works well , making it mechanically more like a vending machine would be cooler though , and also the texture for the can does not show up for me , but the vending machine textures does
lol yea when you press D it will release the timer , usually it has cut more then enough when the bomb goes off ,very beta and unreliable bomb though , good love to be helping ,
textures all work ,found a little bug though , the coin sometimes has the tendency to bounce up and thus triggering the coke spawn twice
very nice gun ,works on algodoo aswell , first magazine got fired no problem it jammed only once in 2 magazines
he's dutch and his spelling is kinda bad , so i'm guessing hes not doing it on purpose , iemand , wat izacque zegt is dat je mensen hun werk niet zonder vragen en info opnieuw mag uploaden.
no bugs found , one typo , Smoko area , :P , things you might still be able to make are , key operated hatch to get the coins back from the machine , makes it more realistic
mine runs at 66.6662
very simple design , and work on your spelling;) its motor
great missile, different payloads would be fun
seeing you curse like that plus the scenes , tell me your not really mature , these things you made should not be released/uploaded , just for the sakes of keeping your respect, dont get me wrong but these are so simple anyone could make them in 5 sec or less ,try making something more complex and with a purpose , that way you'll atleast get some good ratings
more info would be nice , what makes it realistic ? is it breakable , realistic weights etc tell us something about this
looks and works alright on algodoo , not very original though breakable hinges make it alot better , and some work must have gone into this so 8\10 ,also try to fix the issue of the upper most "muscle cells" , they tend to rotate tomutch when holding up , hence doesnt look as nice as the rest
first working on algodoo , however the grey parts drift outwards in v2 , without even shooting it, otherwise pretty cool