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Any feedback?:(

Btw, unclick follow object
Thats pretty awesome, I cant think what is can be used for though
Shit, sorry, wrong bomb
Go to the next one
Come ON! Comments? Please?
For some reason the textures didnt load, it just showed white.
I liked the firing mechanism, though it stuffed up occasionally.
Its a pity the the grenades didnt really explode that would've been cool.

All in all, 7/10:)
I agree, skins have made Phun become to superficial. People are posting SKINS instead of complex mechanisms, lazy bastards.
Exactly, its shrapnel! :lol:
The keys kept on deleting the floor, it happened with your train one aswell, I had to get the the last carraige while the train went on an infinite plunge
I have the most recent version, and the key on this deletes the floor and then the infinite plane beneath.
Oh sorry, I dont, nevermind.

Btw, 9/10!:D
The pellets dont go very far, doesnt work some of the time

Could be improved, 4/10
Yeah, i didnt get the textures either.

But beside from that, FUCKING AWESOME!!!
If you could find a way to make the ruler thing curve around the cannon, it would be easier to aim then.
Alot of times the projectiles went out spinning, but maybe thats only in rare cases.
Maybe make a button to delete the buildings behind the cannon for people with slow computers (like mine:)

Maybe make the battleships fire something after a certain time has elapsed, to make the game more challenging.

All in all, 9/10, for total awesomeness!!!!!
:lol: that was mad phun! But i felt i wasnt going fast enough, and there should be a more epic finish, like setting off a bomb that blows you to bits.


T'was quite phun. The middle one was pissing me off though.
Sorry for swearing:(

P.S. You need the latest version of Phun to play this.
My solution was better >:-l
Well thats easy, isnt it?

Just cut him up and hinge him together.
Meh, the only problem was that it looked weird when you stabbed into it diagonally, and that the sword looked pink. >.>
That bow is brilliant! I love it, only problem was that it would randomly spawn, and sometimes it didnt hit the balls when it fired.

Besides, from that, great! 8/10
That is so awesome! I like how you did the laser, and the shell ejection is mad. 10/10
Oh god... I feel so inferior, this thing defecates copiously all over my inventions...
Mega fail
Teeheehee! I made it go boom!

10/10 Awesome
I liked it, it actually flew!:D

Although I don't see the point of the top thing. The back was for steering and the spinning circles provided the thrust. So what does the top do?
Surprisingly stable for such a small scale.
Thanks Kilinich:)
Would randomly explode when I moved too far to the left or right
Looked cool
Took ages to fire
Try to make a more efficient Photon Turret
Directional controllers are generally frowned upon
You should put something to restrain the chain gun ammo, otherwise it just flies around
3/10, sorry
Not 100% original, the circle thing has been used before in guns, but i love the reloading thing.
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