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Xray, I am confused about if whether or not marble races are allowed. Are they?
Nxdt, may I use the bike and person in some scenes and upload them but change a lot of things as long as I credit you?
I am a beginner so I changed the material velocities of the water to make it move (sad, I know but that's pretty much the best I can do)😢
Thanks Xray! I understand better what scripting is. I will try it and post more scenes when I am better at it.
Can I please use the bike in a scene
Thanks, Little Foxy! (although I really don't thinkk I'm a pro...) Xray gave me the idea for the changing colors.

To change the colors: Under the script menu go to PostStep and type in: "(e)=>{colorHSVA = colorHSVA + [1.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0]}" (everything inside the quotes)

To change the camera pan, go the object you want to change it for (when something happens to this object, the camera pan changes) and under OnCollide or OnDie or whatever the action is type in "(e)=>{ = [coordinates here]}" and type in the coordinates you want the camera to pan to.

I probably wasn't very clear so sorry about that, but if it helps then go to -- that's helped me learn a little bit about scripting.
Yes, some parts are hard to do withoit moving anything but overall it is good and the car moves very smoothly.
This is educational and fun. I haven't seen any puzzles like this on Algobox before. It reminds me of some fun brain teasers I have tried. I think it is a great tool to help children learn about spaces and the areas shapes take up. Very nice!
Good idea. I will try to do that. It would probably make it get stuck less. Thanks!
What is the hack?
May I use a roller in a scene and make some minor adjustments?
Sorry if it shows I rated a 1. I kept clicking because it was frozen and I accidentally clicked 1. Really it's a 10.
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I got 7. It would've been easier if I didn't blink!:) Fun game.:tup:
Xray: I get your joke above Nice one! I love this scene also because it has a good message and is also fun to watch.