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i will give u credit i just forgot who owned it
none of this was done by me but i edited it
i will but i forgot who made it
Roman i will im busy
no im RacecarGuy
who's Adman
wow u douche bag WTF
before i do this can i use your plow for a tractor i made btw 10/10
nice but wasn't there a motor already in it ps to all the commenters the motor doesn't have to work to make it look good
yea i know i will work on it any advise
phunatic what?
i din't say it was 100% my scene i saved it as my peterbilt b/c i had the unmodified and the one i was working on
im just taking credit for the modifications btw
no problem:tup:
im gunna reupload this with a few modifications and how to u get the picture on the car
nvm to hard to work on
im gunna use ur track for a game im making
i hate macs u cant find downloads for'em
i didn't do better suspension yet
mine still works and trophy u need any help with ur thingy tht u tellin me about im up for a project/collab
ooh and used ur crawler im gunna tune it out :) :tup: tlk to u lata
awwww i was gunna rate it a 10 but no ratings
thanks trophy hope ur truck works out
hey i "disected" the excess parts and kept the cage and motor im gunna give u credit for all the stuff that i use thts urs i've been looking for the perfect frame to make my own trophy truck
and how do u add pictures to a polygon?
there good trucks right
no ummm. i think molten made it cuz it was off the original offroad vehicle
love it omg my favorite scene so far
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