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I want orange!!!
coral is out i luv folders!
Glass is not aprowed by Orange so he is FAEK!
The colors dont mean what colision layer it is, its just that i marked what aproximate task any given object in the scene has.
how do you control it
oh with the arrow keys, i wrecked it to pieces:)
I landed 1rst try!:D
can i be serbia?
invading montenegro
omg i love how you did the nebulas
The blue are neutrons, red are protons, yellow are electrons. so its not a molecule, there would be molecular bonds
lol when you zoom out you can see what it says lol
yep... i made this for a video...
...i didn't invent it, my teacher of phisics told me its a paradox
to fix the atack balls falling select them, and in their console type: posdefault = pos
that will fix it
oops i forgot if you add an objekt make sure its restotution is set to 1 or else it will be weird bouncing!
sry for that i cang edit posted comments
I dont have any proble in you using my marble thingy, just u forgot to make the blocks around the big starter to prevent them from flying out.
problem* srry for that
This is so cool! I might actualy use this for my intro on my videos!
mehh you move with ur mouse
does it count if i make a non rotating object with postStep by changing its angvel value?
did you even bother testing this?
Actualy if you make arms for this put my name in title
i choose serbia, also can you send the link to your discord to me?